Eye Gazing - Bare Your Soul

photo (37)What is it that can be so confronting to gaze into another persons eyes for a long period of time? The eyes are said to be the windows to our soul. To really stop and just look into someone's eyes for longer than just a quick moment can open you up to vulnerability, with no where to hide.

I have done an exercise before where you are asked to stand in front of another person and just look, just stare into their eyes and just be there. It's interesting to watch how a group of people deal with this. Some people giggle, others fidget, create distraction, feel the need to talk, and sometimes cry. After a while though of settling into it and just being in front of someone, fully bare, a great stillness appears.

I've just been to a yoga festival which included lots of conscious dancing, by that I mean not under the influence of any drug or drink. The dances are often guided and there are lots of moments of connection where you dance with people and look into their eyes.

It's not easy at first, especially when you are dancing with a tent full of strangers. There is something deeply emotional and touching about looking into someone's eyes for a long time, really seeing them for who they are with their barriers dropped.

After a while it starts to peel away your barriers. The level of connection with others increases. Your heart starts to feel more open.

We can spend so much of life hiding our true selves from others, comparing ourselves, putting on different faces in different situations. There is something incredibly freeing about allowing yourself to stand open in front of another and look into their soul.

We are all connected, we all share similar fears, we all want love and we are all from the same Source. It's just our bodies that separate us.

So perhaps long eye gazing doesn't feel right for you just yet but experiment with it, see if you can hold the gaze just a little longer, hold your hugs for just a bit more and just be open to showing the world who you really are. Your true self with out all the barriers. You are amazing.

Much love

Louise x

You Are On The Right Path

flower2Sometimes when we hit a bump in the road it can be easy to think we're off track. Things not going our way, repeating behaviours we wanted to give up and being let down can all lead us to feeling back to square one.

When want we  really want in our life doesn't happen quick enough, to schedule, we can question is it really right for us at all.

My message to you today is that no matter what is happening right now, you are on the right path.

Sometimes to get where we need to go we need to struggle a bit first. The hard times strengthen us, they test our will power, they lead us to new insights and to show up in life as who we really are.

Take some time to look back over your life and reflect upon the difficult times you have experienced so far.  Then notice what came out of them, what shifts in your life did they create?

You may be in a dip now. If you are my suggestion is to trust that this is happening for a reason. Maybe the lesson may not be glaringly obvious right now but it is a stepping stone to something new.

Life is not supposed to be easy, if it was we would never grow and we probably wouldn't appreciate the good times as much!

Just trust, you are on the right path, you have not strayed off track at all.

Bring your mind into the moment where life is happening now. Stand barefoot on the grass, listen to the birds, look at the flowers and remind yourself of all the good you do have right now.


Louise x

It's OK to feel tired sometimes

  flower2When I used to live in London burning the candle at both ends I used to reach for sugar and caffeine to keep me going through a busy day.

It was like I didn't allow myself to feel tired. The thought of just allowing myself to stop, rest and sleep it off didn't really enter my mind.

The lesson I learnt from that strategy was that it would only make me feel worse long term. My energy was so up and down, once the stimulants had worn off I'd feel even more spaced out. At least once a year I would come down with some nasty virus that would completely knock me out, forcing myself to stop. Even then I didn't like to!

Since learning to listen to what my body needs by; cutting out coffee, just having something sweet as a treat rather than a pick me up and choosing a slow release energy diet, I sleep better and I allow myself to rest when I need too.

There is nothing wrong with taking a nap sometimes!

When I feel tired now I just allow myself to feel tired. I slow things down, I practice restorative yoga, I go to bed early, I eat healthily and just do a bit less. Not surprisingly I haven't had to take to my bed ill for a few years now.

Of course if you are always feeling tired then there is something to look at why, like I did, maybe a diet or lifestyle change is needed but it's OK to feel tired sometimes. When you do just see it as a signal to back off a bit and rest. We all need our down days and that's ok. The more you resist anything the longer it persists!

Life can get fraught with the feeling of wanting more, needing to do more, being more......but we are already enough, just as we are.

People who have come to my yoga classes have told me they like it when I repeat the affirmation:

I am enough

I do enough

I have enough

I love it myself, just repeating it sends a wave of peace and contentment over my entire being.

So next time you reach for the caffeine to avoid tiredness just pause and allow yourself to feel tired. Just be with it, allow yourself to do a bit less that day and rest up when you can. I have found doing this actually ends up giving me more energy anyway!

Take care.

Louise x


How to be more open

  lotusHow open are you to receive?

By that I mean do you notice when people smile at you? Do you really take in great feedback? Do you recognise people in the street? Do you acknowledge when someone has made you a cup of tea or let you go before them in the queue?

When life is busy it can be very easy to get caught up in the mind, not really fully noticing what is going on around you. For example I regularly bump into people I know, not just local people but I have met people  I know from my past all around the world. My friends often joke about it and some have said it's never happened to them but acknowledge that they walk around caught up in their thoughts and just focus on getting from A to B so don't really look around whilst en route to their destination.

I coach clients who have a such a way of thinking that they don't notice or really take on board compliments. How often have you heard someone brushing off a compliment, as if they don't really believe what they are hearing? Perhaps you do it yourself.

I know people who even though they have been given really great feedback at work they still don't believe they are good at their job.

When we set intentions, when we pray, and when we repeat affirmations we are sending out into the energy of the universe what we would love in our lives. What ever you choose to believe whether it's God, the universe, your higher power, listens and sends you situations and people to guide you towards your dream.

You might over hear a conversation that is completely relevant to what you are looking for.

You may see a poster for a course that would just be perfect for what you need to learn.

You might bump into someone from your past to be able to resolve an issue from back then and to move forward with a new lesson learnt.

You might meet a stranger randomly who has something to teach you, or you them.

You may even just have a sudden inner knowing about something you need to do.

You may receive some feedback or a random act of kindness that is just what you need to know you are on the right path or simply lift your mood and self belief.

Unless you are open though you may miss the gifts you receive.

How to be more open? A helpful way to become more open to all that you receive is to keep a note of it. Every time you notice a chance meeting, an act of kindness, a sign you are on the right path or a message that seems just for you write it down! The act of doing this will help you to notice all these gifts to you more.

You don't have to have it all worked out, when you have trust in a power bigger than you and are open to receiving help miracles can happen.


Louise x


What Is Happiness?

happylogoAs many of you will know I am busy working on a happiness project at the moment called The Happiness Effect, it's a 2 day workshop based around exploring what happiness means to you and how to access happiness in your life in each moment. Through my research around happiness and my own personal journey over the years I have learnt that taking time to ask yourself "what is happiness" is the path to unlocking it within yourself.

When you explore what happiness is you also get to learn what it's not and what it means uniquely to you. What makes you feel happy might be completely different to your partner, friends and family.

I am not speaking about positive thinking, which can sometimes trick our mind into thinking we are happy when actually we're not. For example staying in a job you really do not like, or a difficult relationship. I mean that sense of joy, and also peace, you feel deep within when you feel real happiness.

When I was younger I used to delay my happiness, I'd think to myself when I have travelled to X country then I'll feel happy, or when I have achieved a certain income, bought a certain item of clothing (on the never ending want list!) and so on. This way of thinking left me with a constant feeling of striving and dissatisfaction with the present moment. In fact back then I probably was not even aware the  concept of the present moment!

The difference now is that how I am being in the present moment is the key to my personal happiness. How I am choosing to spend my time, doing the things I love, the things that are good for me and feel right in my heart. It's spending time in nature. It's being grateful for what I have in my life right now. It's being with people I love, that fill me up rather than take away my energy. It's also being in awe of the magic of how life unfolds naturally in it's own perfect timing and having faith in that.

Robert Holden (author of fab book "Be Happy") has a great exercise to connect with what makes you happy, he calls it "The Very Happy Exercise". Take a few moments to work through this and I am sure you will gain some insights into what happiness means to you:

Complete the following sentence 10 times:

I am very happy when......

Next write down the date by each point when you last experienced that.

Then notice what you can learn about happiness and yourself from this. It can be a very insightful exercise.

If you would like to find out more about our workshop, The Happiness Effect, please visit our website and you'll find there is a special early bird discount on offer until Thursday of this week - £200 instead of £495 which is the full price. This is only available until Thursday!

Be Happy.

Louise x

Curing My Asthma

  I was sad to learn in the news this week that 3 people die in the UK every day from asthma. In fact I know someone who died from it just last year, she was only in her 40s.

The BBC news shared that "People suffering from asthma are dying unnecessarily because of complacency among both medical staff and patients, according to the first national study of asthma deaths in the UK."

I grew up with asthma, I had it from a very young age and when I was too small to really remember I was often in hospital suffering from attacks. I only learnt recently that during one of these attacks I actually died for a couple of seconds. Thankfully I came back!

My memories of growing up are predominantly of being sick with asthma. The most I remember about my school days was being at home sick or in bed in the "San" at school if I couldn't stay at home. Of course I have wonderful happy memories too of playing on the beach, swimming in the sea and running around the forest. It never stopped me fully.

So naturally I grew up always taking my inhalers. I actually noticed when I got a bit older that I had developed a bit of a dependency on my Ventolin, the inhaler that relieves your breathing when having an attack. If I didn't have it with me when I went out I would start to panic and my asthma would come on, it was the same when going to bed. I'd have to take a puff before I could relax.

In my early 30s my uncle who also suffers from asthma got prescribed a new inhaler called Seritide which completely took away all his symptoms. He shared his new found discovery with me and my cousins, it no longer felt like we had asthma any more. My cousins who had never been able to do sport at school suddenly became super sporty. It changed their lives, it grew their self confidence and for me I never had an asthma attack again.

How ever I was still taking an inhaler. Asthma was still there underlying.

When I was in India a couple of years ago I had a few rebirthing sessions with a man there. He picked up on how I saw having asthma as part of who I am. He said it's like I just accept I have it and am doing nothing to cure it. There and then I decided to do just that, take action to go about curing my asthma.

Since then I have learnt that my asthma was largely due to fear. Fear of not being able to breathe, and then dying. This has been mainly unconscious but once I uncovered that I was able to use affirmations to let myself  know "I am safe, there is enough air to breathe" if my breath becomes short. Yogic breathing has helped to expand my lungs and deepen my breath. EFT has calmed me down if I feel the fear rise up and asthma triggered. I have changed my diet to avoid foods that create inflammation and I have had energetic healing around my scary experiences as a child having attacks.

I can happily say I no longer take an inhaler every day. The only time I do take it is when I volunteer at a cats home as animal hair still triggers me and being surrounded by 40-50 cats can be fairly overwhelming for my system. I choose to go there though as I love cats, like I said asthma has never stopped me. It is getting better though, sometimes I don't take it at all and when I am with just one cat now I don't have any reaction at all.

I know every one is a different case and you have to treat your asthma very carefully as it can be life threatening. I am just writing this post for those who have asthma who, like I also did, just see it as who they are. Who are not doing anything to investigate other alternatives to helping cure it.  Or in fact with any disease.

Sometimes we can get so stuck in a way of thinking or being we forget that it actually may not be true or that it could be possible to change it!

I recommend reading Louise Hay's book - All is Well which links dis-ease to emotional problems and gives affirmations to repeat to yourself daily. It's really insightful, and usually pretty spot on.

I can honestly say I don't think of my self as an asthmatic now, just someone who gets it every now and then......and usually it's because I have valued something higher than not taking my inhaler, i.e. being with cats! .....and one day that will be cured too.





You don't have to have it all worked out

India2012 487I am going to be turning 39 in a couple of months and I was reflecting recently on what I was up to when I was 29. Ten years is a long time isn't it? It doesn't sound that long but a lot can happen. This time ten years ago I was just setting out on my journey to work for myself. I had just trained to become an image consultant and I was in the process of setting up the site: createimage.co.uk. It doesn't even exist any more since it transformed into Create Yourself a few years later.

When I was starting out I could never have imagined ten years later I would also be a life coach, reiki healer and yoga teacher based in Brighton!

Sometimes when I coach people I find they can get hung up on choosing the perfect goal, the perfect career, the perfect partner and so on.... I am a firm believer in choosing what feels right now, in this moment, rather than worrying too much if it is still going to feel like that in a few years time. Waiting for the perfect goal can also lead to procrastination.

Once you set out on a path all sorts of unexpected things can happen to you that can lead you in a variety of directions. Also, you change, what feels right to you now may not feel so good a few years down the line and that's OK.

For example when I was thinking about a new career I spent a year exploring different types of jobs in fashion, I took a fashion media course which covered many different possible jobs. During this year I won an image consultation, whilst having that I decided I wanted to do that too!

I took a course to learn to be an image consultant and began to create my business. It was all so new to me though and the thought of promoting myself at networking events and talks filled me with dread.

Along came a boy I met in a nightclub! He introduced me to a personal development course he had done and felt it might help me with my self confidence for my business. I decided to give it a go, after all what could I loose?

The course transformed my way of looking at life and after a few more courses there I decided I want to be a life coach, to help others see the world in this inspired and empowered way too.

During a particularly busy year in 2009 I took up yoga, to give me some balance from all the running I was doing. Again this was a pivotal moment in my life, yoga completely chilled me out and bought me into the present moment. Something that had seemed elusive to me before.

My yoga journey has connected me to something much deeper, to a faith in something much bigger than myself and to feel completely at peace within myself. So it wasn't surprising that in 2012 I became a yoga teacher to add to everything else!

Can you see how it's all just flowed? Ten years ago I couldn't have imagined what I am doing now, or that I'd be living in Brighton, but I was just open to trying new things, going where my interest drew me and just giving things a go.

You don't have to have it all worked out. All you need to focus is what feels right now, in this moment. The trust the process. New people, events, opportunities will be bought into your life at just the right time for you. The trick is to be open to them and act on them.

Enjoy the journey, moment by moment.

Louise x


Commitment Gives Power to Creating Change

CambodiaandThailand10 025You want to make a change in your life. You have a goal. A dream. An intention.

How committed are you to it?

Do you give your word to creating it in your life? Do you share it with everyone?


"Making a commitment is taking  stand, it's declaring to yourself and the universe that you're unwilling to settle for anything less that excellence" Denise Linn

Fear can get in the way of making a commitment, fear of failure, fear of looking bad, fear of the unknown, fear of change and so on. However while there is any doubt in our mind it's hard to give ourselves 100% to something, we energetically send out unconscious messages  that it "might not happen".

Our thoughts create our reality. If you go into a situation not fully believing in yourself, or your dream, without knowing consciously doing it your behaviour will be effected.

For example: You have a job interview that you don't believe you are good enough for. Although during the interview you will try to act confidently without meaning to that lack of self belief will show through in subtle ways. Maybe through your body language,  or a lack of certainty behind your answers.

Of course in life there is no certainty, but acting from a mindset of doubt and fear will impact your behaviour, or whether you take any action at all.

Commitment gives power to creating change. We can talk about wanting to change jobs, go travelling, relocate, find a partner until we are blue in the face but until we actually decide, I am going to do all I can within my power to create this, it's easy to just keep talking about it.

Talking about it can turn into months, and then years. Before you know it you'll be reaching retirement and still be speaking about wanting to make this change!

It's a simple decision.

"I am committed to X"

You may like to share it with people who are close and supportive of you. Remember to take care with who you share it with as some people feel the way to support is to put you off your dream....it's their way of caring, or perhaps their own fears showing up but remember this is your dream not theirs. Share it with those you know will support you.

Get into action. I find putting something concrete in place that drives me to take more action always helps at the beginning. For example:

Putting your updated CV on to recruitment sites

Signing up to a dating site

Booking a flight

Putting a deposit down

Signing up to estate agents

Give power to your dreams, make a commitment and whole heartedly go for it. After all when you look back on your life isn't it better to have given it your all than just sitting around day dreaming about it for weeks, months or even years?

If you'd like some help with your dream, please get in touch.

Lots of love

Louise x

Make This Easter Full of Happiness!


The sun is shining and we are nearly at the 4 day weekend!

I am sure you all have lots of plans, or maybe not. Sometimes isn't just nice to have nothing to do isn't it?

What ever you are doing I invite you to connect with happiness this weekend by bringing your awareness to all the little blessings you have in your life.

The moment you feel the sunshine on your face, or the wind through your hair.

The moment you hear a child laughing.

The moment you notice the birds singing.

The first mouthful of a delicious meal.

The moment you feel your heart flutter when you see someone you love.

The first sip from a glass of wine.

The moment you wake up and realise you don't have to do any work today.

Just those little moments that often just pass us by unrecognised. The more we notice these small subtle things that make our heart smile the more we connect to inner happiness.

Happiness is a decision and it comes from within. Material things won't make you happy long term, but noticing your little daily blessings will.

Speaking of Happiness, I am excited to announced that booking is now open for The Happiness Effect 2 day workshop I am running in Brighton on 15th/16th May. These dates coincide with the Brighton Festival so it's a great time to visit if you are not local.

We are offering a super early bird rate for bookings before 1st May. To find out more about the workshop and book please see The Happiness Effect or please do contact me if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend!


What Belief Could You Drop Right Now?

  From the moment of entering this world our experiences start to form our beliefs about ourselves. Especially during early childhood into our teens.

By the time we get into adulthood we usually don't think about questioning them, unless of course we start doing some form of personal development work.

Often the beliefs we are carrying are no longer true, or were in fact never true to begin with. Yet unless we notice this and start to disconnect from them they will still have their power over us.

Beliefs I carried from childhood that I have now given up are:

  • I can't sing
  • I have asthma
  • I am a sickly child
  • I am shy
  • I am not good enough

All of which can have, and have had, a damaging effect in some way.

Through challenging these and choosing to no longer believe in them I now:

  • Enjoy singing out loud
  • No longer take an inhaler every day
  • Have not been ill since Christmas 2010, this is not to say I won't be again but it's no longer a regular occurence
  • I speak out when I want or need too, I am self confident and I am also happy with silence
  • Do not let fears get in the way of me going for what I want in my life. Anyone saying they are not good enough is just silly (but, sadly very common)....we are all unique have had our own special qualities.

Are you carrying around in your mind something a teacher/parent/friend once told you when you were small?  Do you hear their voices still ringing in your ears? Question it, ask yourself why it is rubbish?

Don't let these silly childhood beliefs hold you back.  You have the power to choose how you feel and act today.

Be happy.

Louise x

How To Manage Cravings

  Craving – wanting, yearning, something that you don’t have right now.

We all experience cravings. Mine can sometimes crop up in the form of being on a hot beach, cake and new clothes!

Cravings can work for us when we use them as a motivation to take action towards our dreams but most of the time they can be pretty detrimental. Taking us out of the present moment, giving us a feeling of lack and a sense that all is not well, right now. Serious cravings from addictions can completely over take your mind and body.

Cravings loose strength over time, just as everything in life they will eventually pass, so it's a case of finding techniques to manage them when they are at their strongest.

The present moment is one of the keys to help overcome cravings. Being in the moment helps you to think and make choices clearly. Rather than focusing on what you don’t have, look at what you do have.

Ask yourself “what am I grateful for in my life right now?”

If you find yourself in a state of wanting “more” of something…..look at what you already have.  It's easy to get stuck in a trap of wanting more of something you already have enough of, a classic example is clothes. Every season new clothes come out in the shops which can lead to the feeling that the current ones you have are not good enough any more, you have nothing to wear, you must have that new...... I find when I weed through my clients wardrobes they are always shocked at how much they do have and always find outfits they had forgotten they had. As a result the shopping list they had created reduces in size.

Ask yourself "where do I already have X (what you want more of) in my life right now?". Sometimes you can find it in the most unexpected places.

If it's a physical craving, wanting something you have given up, what healthy thing could you replace it with? I know when I have had spells of doing detoxes then finding something to replace the sugar cravings is a must. Cinnamon, liquorice tea, cleaning my teeth, going out for a walk and having a nap all have helped when my body is aching for something sweet.

Giving up a strongly addictive habit like drugs or alcohol ( would include sugar and caffeine in this too)? Then making a list of all the reasons why you are giving it up to read when you are craving will help to remind you why it's so bad for you.

Delay making a decision, if you are craving something tell yourself I'll look at this again in 30 mins/ 1 hour/ tomorrow to see how I feel then. Sometimes just in delaying it, by the time you think about it again it will have weakened or passed.

The Vipassana meditation technique teaches that everything will pass, our bodies, as life, are constantly changing. Rather than resisting feelings just observing them, accepting them for what they are and being with them helps to weaken them.. Eventually they will fade away and something else will come in its place. A way to observe the feelings are to notice the sensations they create in your body. Just notice them, that's all you have to do. You don't need to try to change them.

Over time as you resist giving into the craving, resist reacting to it, you will start to change your thought and behaviour patterns. Every time you don't indulge it will be a little bit easier the next time you have a craving.

I like to think of will power as a muscle and believe it's important to keep strengthening it. Every now and then it's good to give up something for a while, or work towards a goal that requires your will power. Strong will power will help you to achieve anything.

If you are really struggling with your cravings seek help, whether it's a friend you can call in need or a professional. You have the power within to take control of your life but sometimes it's good to get a little help along the way to remind you of this.





7 Tips To Manage Stress

  shrineI ran a Yoga for Stress workshop on Saturday which was a time for people to just switch off, let go and relax. Through the afternoon as I taught yoga I also incorporated some of my top tips to manage stress levels.

Yoga is a great tool to explore different ways of being in life and to manage stress. Our physical body and breath have an impact on how we feel, what thoughts are going through our mind. This is why so many people love how they feel after a yoga session, whether its completely relaxed or energised, both or some way else.


Following are some of the suggestions I gave to help combat tension and stress in day to day life:


  • Dedicate an area in your home where you can relax. You may like to have fresh flowers there, inspiring pictures, symbols of your faith (if you have one), crystals, a candle and so on. Just what ever makes you feel inspired. A place where you know you can go to, be quiet and leave the day behind.


  • Simplify your life. Make a list of everything on your mind. Then ask - what is the most important thing right now? Next write the next action step to take in this area, and just focus on doing that. Watch how life unfolds one step at a time.


  • Breathe. Deepen your inhale and lengthen your exhale, this will trigger the parasympathetic nervous system to work which sends the message to your brain, all is well, there is nothing to fear. You'll notice how much calmer you feel by doing this.


  • Bring your mind into the present moment. Notice your feet on the floor. Pay attention to what is around you. So much tension is created by thinking too much in the past or about the future. Right here now is what matters.


  • Repeat a positive affirmation to yourself. Something like; all is well, I am safe, I am, everything I need is always taken care of, I can handle anything.....find one that resonates with you.


  • Allow yourself time each day to relax. Just lying on the floor for 5 minutes can be a wonderful break. Lying on the floor with your legs up the wall is a great yoga pose to do to calm your nervous system down, calm the mind and help you sleep.


  • Have a positive meditation/ spiritual/ self help/ motivational book to read daily. I like to keep a couple by the bath to read an inspirational passage while I soak.


Feeling overwhelmed  and stressed can be a trap, unless we do something to calm our minds and bodies down, it can build up and up until something happens, like an illness, forces us to stop. Just doing something little daily to relax and reset your mind in a positive direction will have a huge impact.


Louise x

Are Your 6 Human Needs Being Met?

  Is there an area of your life that just isn't working right now?

If so, then make some time to work through these following questions.

On a scale of 1-5, 1 being none at all 5 being completely

  • How much certainty do you have in this area?
  • How much variety do you have?
  • How much love and connection are you experiencing in this area?
  • How much significance (feeling a bit unique) do you feel?
  • How much growth are you experiencing?
  • How much are you contributing to others?

Personal development guru, Tony Robbins, has identified that we have 6 human needs; certainty, variety, love & connection, significance, growth and contribution. The first 4 need to be in balance:

Certainty vs Variety

We need a balance between certainty in our life vs variety. We need to know we have a bed to sleep in, food to eat, money coming in for example. On the flip side we also need to feel some variety, having different experiences and not doing the same thing every day. If there is too much certainty, if everything is always the same, then this can lead to boredom.  On the other hand if there is too much variety, everything changing, being different all of the time then this can lead to overwhelm.

Love & Connection vs Significance

We all want to experience love, not just romantically but a sense of connection with others. If we need it too much though it can lead to co-dependence and lack of self esteem. On the flip side it's important to feel like you are a bit different from everyone else, significant, that there is something a bit special about you. Michael Jackson was a classic example of when significance goes too far and he ended up being completely different from everyone else around him. Too much significance can lead to a feeling of separation from others.

These are the four basic needs then we also have two higher ones; Growth and Contribution. The need to feel like we are growing and that we are making a difference to someone else. With out these there is limited expansion.

Now we will do anything to make these needs happen but not always in a way that is healthy to us. For example staying in an abusive relationship to still feel that connection with someone even though it's damaging, taking drugs to alleviate boredom, or getting completely drunk to escape when things just feel too much to deal with.

Back to that area you are struggling with at the moment. Have you noticed what need(s) are not being met in their area?

Now ask yourself the question for the Human Need that appears to be missing most:

What do I need to do right now to have more (X) in my life?

If it is not in a particular area – can I see it in other areas? (For example: If I need more ‘Love and Connection’ in my career, do I actually have that need fulfilled right now by my family or friends?)

This is a great exercise to do to clarify what actions to take to get you feeling back on track. Also to explore the others areas in your life where your needs actually are being met, maybe you just hadn't acknowledged it yet. In doing so shifts can occur.

Have a great week.

Louise x





Stuck? Maybe it's time to try something different!

yoga helps to see life from a different perspectiveFeeling like something just isn't working?

Frustrated? Stuck? Angry? Demotivated?

Maybe it's a sign to try a new approach. When practising yoga, poses that turn your world upside down inspire you to see life from a different perspective.

If mice are put in a maze and discover the route to the cheese, they will keep going down that route to get it. If it's then moved to a new location after a while they will start trying out different routes to get to it, until they hit jackpot.

Us humans can be stubborn. Often we will keep doing the same things over and over again even if it's just not working.

Can you recognise this any where in your life?

Are you repeating the same patterns over and over again?

Does it feel like you are knocking your head against a brick wall?

Maybe it's time to try something different!

This doesn't mean giving up on your dream, if it still feels right for you, but simply trying a new approach.

Is there an action or an idea you have had to try but for some reason have been putting it off, maybe self doubt or fear getting in the way?

That could be the very thing to experiment with. I always relate to those flutters of fear as a signal of the path to go down (obviously not with the overwhelming sense of fear when you are actually in danger!!). It's by doing things that scare you that help you to grow and develop confidence in your self.

Isn't it better to have explored all avenues rather than keep doing the same thing over and over again with no results, and probably making yourself feel bad in the process?

So what could you try differently this week?

See it as an experiment, a game, a challenge. Take any perceived pressure off and see it as an exploration. After all if it doesn't work you can just try something else!

If you need a helping hand please do get in touch - [email protected]



How to Survive, in fact ENJOY February (in UK)!

stormLet's face it, February in UK can be tough, especially with all these storms we have been experiencing. I've been speaking to various people recently who have been finding it's been "getting to them". I am a big fan of jumping on a plane to find the sunshine but I understand this is not always possible. So how to survive February in UK if there is no other way to escape?! This is the first February I have been in UK and am actually really enjoying myself, this is because I have planned for it. I have planned to do things I really enjoy, all month, in fact right through to July. I am especially treating myself this month though to the things that lift my spirits and lead me to new experiences, which is what lights me up. The result of doing this means I am enjoying the moment and excited about the future, a recipe for happiness.

It can be easy to get in the mindset of "getting through it", wishing time away, head down until it's all over. That's 28 days of missed out opportunity for fun and exploration though!

Now this doesn't have to mean lots of activity. February is a great month of some restorative time before all the energy of Spring. You have the wisdom inside of you to know what is best for you right now.

What could you plan to make this February special? To make yourself feel good?

I also think it's important to get out in the sunshine when ever it does show it's face. Just to sit in the sun, even when cold, for 15-30 minutes nourishes your soul.

Nature has a way of rebalancing body and mind. If you find yourself in a bit of a down phase, wrap yourself up and go outside, even for a bit. Then notice the shifts you feel from walking in nature. I always find walking along the beach calms my mind, even when the waves are going crazy with the wind!

Fill your body with food with a strong life force. It can be easy to use alcohol and drugs to escape but after the high will come the low and it will be a whole lot worse! Lack of sleep, a drop in blood sugar and toxins all contribute to emotional lows. Take care of your body and your mind will notice the difference too!

Helping others is also a win win situation, when you extend your compassion to outside of yourself the receiver will benefit and so will you. There are many people (and animals) in the world struggling to really survive right now, and not so far afield with the awful situation in Somerset. Take action where you can to help someone in need.

If you need a helping hand you may like to check out this fab challenge - 100 Happy Days. You simply take a photo of something that makes you happy every day and share it on social media with #100happydays or if you'd rather keep it out of the public domain you simply send them your photos.

I am going to start my challenge today, if you'd like to follow me I'll share it via Twitter - LouiseatCreate. ( and if you take on the challenge please let me know how I can follow you too!)

.....and remember nothing stays the same, it will be Spring before we know it :-)

Much love





ps I am running a yoga workshop this weekend if you fancy getting out of the rain and having some me time! x

You Know What Is Best

  lotusThis is just a little post to remind you that....

only you know what is best for you.

Life bombards us with solutions. Well meaning friends and family offering their opinions and advice. Media telling us all the things we should be giving up or starting. A million self help books, therapies, coaches to help you with every situation possible.

It's amazing there is so much help out there!

When it comes down to it, you have the wisdom inside to know what you need the most. That often quiet little voice in your head that can get over powered by the often shouting voice of the ego. The ego is driven by attachment and fear. Attachment to your identity, to things being a certain way, to how you look, what others think and fears that have built up over the years.

That soft voice that comes from your heart, that you feel in your gut, that's the one to listen too.

When I coach people it's about connecting to what you really want deep down, not what you feel you should be doing. Sometimes we don't even set goals, sometimes what my clients prefer is to focus on a way of being, an intention that shapes their life every day. It's completely up to them as only they know what help they need and what they really want to get out of life.

Sometimes the challenge is to hear and trust your own wisdom. We so often look externally for the solution to our problems. Don't get me wrong, it's wonderful to get fresh ideas, new insights and to learn new things that will help us. All that learning will help you make the next decision about what is best for you, from within.

If you are facing a decision and are feeling swayed by external factors, just trust that you know what is best for you. That doesn't mean it won't feel a bit (or a lot!)  scary sometimes but that's when it gets exciting, you are moving beyond boundaries and past fears to grow.




Kicking The Habit

freeOver the past 8 years I have given up a few habits that haven't served me well; partying to excess, eating meat, wheat bread, cows milk, coffee and more recently eating chocolate every day. I have learnt from the experience that simply not wanting to do it any more isn't always enough. When what you are doing causes you any form of enjoyment then denying yourself of what you perceive as feeling good, even if it's just for a few moments, can lead you to want to do it more.

There needs to be a bigger purpose, something you want more, something that inspires you and is for your highest good. In my case I am inspired by being at my optimum health, after a childhood of always being ill I didn't want to be that sickly child any more, and having mental clarity to be able to approach life with a positive and loving attitude. I also wanted balanced energy levels, as I was so up and down before, I was sick of that afternoon crash feeling when all I wanted to do was sleep. I learnt that feeling tired led to my emotions being out of balance too. The motivation behind taking care of my health, emotions, mental state and energy was not only for me but also for my business, so I could be fit and healthy to help and inspire others too. This is my passion. I felt I couldn't really be an authentic life coach and yoga teacher if I wasn't taking care of myself first.

Once I had the inspiration in place then I looked for things to replace the old habits with, things that would cause me just as much pleasure and more. Alternatives that were actually good for me rather than being temporary lifts or escapism that ended in some kind of crash afterwards. For example:

  • A big part of going out for me was that I love to dance, I now go to ecstatic dance sessions (which do not serve alcohol)  or simply go out with the intention to dance and not to drink.
  • I make sure the food I cook is really tasty so that I don't miss meat.
  • I have found a lovely Rye bread (The Village Bakery - they sell in Waitrose)  that for me is just as enjoyable as wheat bread, in fact I prefer it now.
  • I have adapted my taste buds to almond milk now, this did take a while but now I can't imagine having cows milk with cereal. The pleasure I gain from this is the fact I am not so congested any more.
  • I have found some herbal teas that I really enjoy drinking, and every now and then I have a decaffeinated coffee. The sleepless nights, up and down emotions, busy mind and heightened stress levels I experience from coffee were worth giving up!

Our brain does not hear the negative, if I tell you now not to think of a red dress - what springs to mind? When you tell yourself "I am not going to X" you mind hears "I am going to X". Rather tell yourself what you are going to do instead.

A daily afternoon sugary sweet treat as been the hardest thing I have found to give up because it's tied into emotions for me as well, I see it as a treat. So I have found it important to look for other more healthy things that I experience as a treat too, I do enjoy savoury snacks as well like hummus and rice cakes, taking time out to go sit on the beach front when the sun is shining and coconut balls are amazing as they taste just like chocolate truffles but there is no refined sugar, the sweetness comes from the coconut and dates . Liquorice or cinnamon tea also taste sweet but with out the sugar. I do love to go out for tea and cake with friends though, and I still will, it just won't be an every day occurrence!

My experience with sugar and caffeine is that it is actually an addiction. The headaches experienced when I stopped every day coffee were unbelievable and lasted for 2 weeks solid. My body actually craved the sugar and my mind was very cleverly trying to convince me that some things would be ok, like ice cream?!!  With things like this will power is key, and that is where your inspirational higher purpose kicks in. It is said it takes 3 weeks to form a new thought pattern and create a new habit, so flexing your willpower muscles for those few weeks is prime and doing healthy things that feel good for you to nurture yourself in the meantime.

Falling in love with yoga was a big turning point for me, to be able to still my mind, be present, take care of my body and learn from the practice I needed to give up mental stimulants and foods that make me feel heavy. The love of how yoga makes me feel outshines the need for the other stuff. Yoga might not be the thing for you but there will be something out there that is, something that will inspire you enough to give up the stuff that holds you back from really enjoying it.

Focus on the good, what you are inspired by, what really motivates you and one day you will realise that the light has outshone the darkness. It's not easy giving up something but when you do, you have strengthened that will power muscle and in turn the belief in yourself that you can do anything you put your mind too.

If I can help you in any way on your journey please let me know; [email protected]

Much love,

Louise x


Claim Back Your Power

  CambodiaandThailand10 025How often to you blame others or circumstances for how you are feeling?

How often do you tell yourself stories, justifications, about why you are not where you want to be?

Any time you blame  or justify you are giving your power away. It's as simple as that.

Any time you count on something external to make you happy you are not in control.

Yes sometimes people do treat us appallingly, sometimes people do not behave the way we'd like them too but it's still up to us how we choose to deal with it.

How many stories have you told yourself already this year about why; you can't leave a job you hate, why you are single, why you can't leave an unhappy relationship, why you have to do something you really don't want to do...... We do this to make ourselves feel better to justify why we are not really doing what we want. How does that really feel deep down though?

What ever is going on externally in an area you are not happy in, ask yourself the following question:

What can I do to take responsibility for this?

The moment you take responsibility to make changes in an area you are not happy in, that is the moment you claim back your power.

Even when you don't see it as your responsibility. Even when someone else is not doing something "right". When you take control anyway of what you need in the situation you empower yourself.

Have a look at your life right now. Are you giving your power away to any situation or person?

A clue is to look at which area of your life you feel most drained in. When we feel stuck, helpless, reliant, controlled, and so on, we loose our energy.

Then ask that question - what could I do to take responsibility for my life in this area/with this relationship/person.....?

Make this week the week you empower yourself!

Much love



You Have All The Time You Need

  waterseaSpecial time with a loved one flies by.

Time doing something you don't enjoy slows down to a snails pace.

Yet it's the same time. 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour.

When we really want to do something we have the time. When we are reluctant, no time can be a great excuse.

I have found over the years when I have taken on big projects in my life, I have always found enough time and I've actually achieved more than I imagined at the beginning. It can be very easy to put off making a change you want for fear of there not being enough time. This might end up being the case if it's something you don't really want but if you are inspired and excited about it you will find the time.

Time is a lot like money in this sense. You will find the money for something you really want deep in your heart. It's all a question of priorities.

Some times though our priorities become out of balance. We prioritise the things that are not really best for us, but we feel we "should" do. As I have said before the word "should" usually indicates you are living by someone elses values, what your friends, family/ partner would do. That doesn't mean it's right for you.

Time can get sucked up in a relationship that doesn't feel right or serve you well. Time can get sucked up doing a job you hate. Time can get sucked up putting everyone else before your needs.

It's a common misconception that putting yourself before others is selfish. The thing is if you don't spend time to nurture and nourish yourself  then the energy you put into helping others may be tinged with negativity, resentment for example. There is a big difference between doing something out of duty and doing something from a place of love.

When you follow your dreams, take care of yourself and do what is best for you, then you'll find you have an abundance of energy and love to help others. You'll truly be giving from the heart.

There is enough time. You will find it if you really want it.

There is enough money. You will find it if you really want it.

So what do you really want?

Commit it it and allow the change to flow into your life.



It All Begins With A Decision

2010-11-28 16.36.51Happy New Year! I love the start of a new year, the feeling of a new beginning, where life feels like a blank canvas and anything is possible. The reality of it though is that every day is a new beginning. In fact every moment is one too. We always have the choice to begin a new project, to set a new intention, to feel how we wish to feel. That power is always within us.

It all begins with a decision.

Have you had times in your life where you decided something was going to happen and it did?

Or maybe other times when you were a little on the fence, a bit hesitant to commit, slightly unsure what you actually wanted. How was that experience?

I "thought about" moving to Brighton for about 7 years before I actually did it. I would always say, "maybe next year", "maybe when I have met someone", "maybe one day.....". Until 2011 when I actually decided 2012 was to be the year, and here I am.

Once a firm decision is made life starts to conspire to help make it happen. Actions are more driven, determined and there is more power behind them. We start to notice ways to make it happen and act on them. People step forward to offer help. We get creative.

Until a decision is made how does the Universe/God know how to help you?

Sometimes the Universe/God will take control, something out of your control will happen to force you into making a decision.....redundancy, a break up, loosing your home and so on. I have often heard people say to me that a break up/ being made redundant was the best thing that could have happened to them as it led them to doing what they really wanted to do in the end.

It may take years though for God/the Universe to have enough and give you a kick up the backside......years of feeling lost, procrastinating, feeling annoyed with yourself for not doing what you really want.

What if this was the year you made the decision? How would that be?

What would you decide?

I'd love to know!