It's OK to feel tired sometimes

  flower2When I used to live in London burning the candle at both ends I used to reach for sugar and caffeine to keep me going through a busy day.

It was like I didn't allow myself to feel tired. The thought of just allowing myself to stop, rest and sleep it off didn't really enter my mind.

The lesson I learnt from that strategy was that it would only make me feel worse long term. My energy was so up and down, once the stimulants had worn off I'd feel even more spaced out. At least once a year I would come down with some nasty virus that would completely knock me out, forcing myself to stop. Even then I didn't like to!

Since learning to listen to what my body needs by; cutting out coffee, just having something sweet as a treat rather than a pick me up and choosing a slow release energy diet, I sleep better and I allow myself to rest when I need too.

There is nothing wrong with taking a nap sometimes!

When I feel tired now I just allow myself to feel tired. I slow things down, I practice restorative yoga, I go to bed early, I eat healthily and just do a bit less. Not surprisingly I haven't had to take to my bed ill for a few years now.

Of course if you are always feeling tired then there is something to look at why, like I did, maybe a diet or lifestyle change is needed but it's OK to feel tired sometimes. When you do just see it as a signal to back off a bit and rest. We all need our down days and that's ok. The more you resist anything the longer it persists!

Life can get fraught with the feeling of wanting more, needing to do more, being more......but we are already enough, just as we are.

People who have come to my yoga classes have told me they like it when I repeat the affirmation:

I am enough

I do enough

I have enough

I love it myself, just repeating it sends a wave of peace and contentment over my entire being.

So next time you reach for the caffeine to avoid tiredness just pause and allow yourself to feel tired. Just be with it, allow yourself to do a bit less that day and rest up when you can. I have found doing this actually ends up giving me more energy anyway!

Take care.

Louise x