Commitment Gives Power to Creating Change

CambodiaandThailand10 025You want to make a change in your life. You have a goal. A dream. An intention.

How committed are you to it?

Do you give your word to creating it in your life? Do you share it with everyone?


"Making a commitment is taking  stand, it's declaring to yourself and the universe that you're unwilling to settle for anything less that excellence" Denise Linn

Fear can get in the way of making a commitment, fear of failure, fear of looking bad, fear of the unknown, fear of change and so on. However while there is any doubt in our mind it's hard to give ourselves 100% to something, we energetically send out unconscious messages  that it "might not happen".

Our thoughts create our reality. If you go into a situation not fully believing in yourself, or your dream, without knowing consciously doing it your behaviour will be effected.

For example: You have a job interview that you don't believe you are good enough for. Although during the interview you will try to act confidently without meaning to that lack of self belief will show through in subtle ways. Maybe through your body language,  or a lack of certainty behind your answers.

Of course in life there is no certainty, but acting from a mindset of doubt and fear will impact your behaviour, or whether you take any action at all.

Commitment gives power to creating change. We can talk about wanting to change jobs, go travelling, relocate, find a partner until we are blue in the face but until we actually decide, I am going to do all I can within my power to create this, it's easy to just keep talking about it.

Talking about it can turn into months, and then years. Before you know it you'll be reaching retirement and still be speaking about wanting to make this change!

It's a simple decision.

"I am committed to X"

You may like to share it with people who are close and supportive of you. Remember to take care with who you share it with as some people feel the way to support is to put you off your's their way of caring, or perhaps their own fears showing up but remember this is your dream not theirs. Share it with those you know will support you.

Get into action. I find putting something concrete in place that drives me to take more action always helps at the beginning. For example:

Putting your updated CV on to recruitment sites

Signing up to a dating site

Booking a flight

Putting a deposit down

Signing up to estate agents

Give power to your dreams, make a commitment and whole heartedly go for it. After all when you look back on your life isn't it better to have given it your all than just sitting around day dreaming about it for weeks, months or even years?

If you'd like some help with your dream, please get in touch.

Lots of love

Louise x