How to Survive, in fact ENJOY February (in UK)!

stormLet's face it, February in UK can be tough, especially with all these storms we have been experiencing. I've been speaking to various people recently who have been finding it's been "getting to them". I am a big fan of jumping on a plane to find the sunshine but I understand this is not always possible. So how to survive February in UK if there is no other way to escape?! This is the first February I have been in UK and am actually really enjoying myself, this is because I have planned for it. I have planned to do things I really enjoy, all month, in fact right through to July. I am especially treating myself this month though to the things that lift my spirits and lead me to new experiences, which is what lights me up. The result of doing this means I am enjoying the moment and excited about the future, a recipe for happiness.

It can be easy to get in the mindset of "getting through it", wishing time away, head down until it's all over. That's 28 days of missed out opportunity for fun and exploration though!

Now this doesn't have to mean lots of activity. February is a great month of some restorative time before all the energy of Spring. You have the wisdom inside of you to know what is best for you right now.

What could you plan to make this February special? To make yourself feel good?

I also think it's important to get out in the sunshine when ever it does show it's face. Just to sit in the sun, even when cold, for 15-30 minutes nourishes your soul.

Nature has a way of rebalancing body and mind. If you find yourself in a bit of a down phase, wrap yourself up and go outside, even for a bit. Then notice the shifts you feel from walking in nature. I always find walking along the beach calms my mind, even when the waves are going crazy with the wind!

Fill your body with food with a strong life force. It can be easy to use alcohol and drugs to escape but after the high will come the low and it will be a whole lot worse! Lack of sleep, a drop in blood sugar and toxins all contribute to emotional lows. Take care of your body and your mind will notice the difference too!

Helping others is also a win win situation, when you extend your compassion to outside of yourself the receiver will benefit and so will you. There are many people (and animals) in the world struggling to really survive right now, and not so far afield with the awful situation in Somerset. Take action where you can to help someone in need.

If you need a helping hand you may like to check out this fab challenge - 100 Happy Days. You simply take a photo of something that makes you happy every day and share it on social media with #100happydays or if you'd rather keep it out of the public domain you simply send them your photos.

I am going to start my challenge today, if you'd like to follow me I'll share it via Twitter - LouiseatCreate. ( and if you take on the challenge please let me know how I can follow you too!)

.....and remember nothing stays the same, it will be Spring before we know it :-)

Much love





ps I am running a yoga workshop this weekend if you fancy getting out of the rain and having some me time! x