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Maybe you haven’t taken the first step yet to make that change, something (or someone i.e. you)  just keeps getting in your way.

Often we can only get so far doing it on our own, we set goals, we read helpful books, we make a bit of progress then all of a sudden we find ourselves stopped. It’s only natural, sometimes we just need some external help to keep us motivated and challenged so that we don’t end up playing small.

Having a life coach is a little like having a manager at work, someone you have to report into regularly, to provide you with development and support along your chosen career path. However a life coach is for all aspects of your life.

"Life coaching with Louise has given me more hope, more inspiration, and more joy than I could have imagined. 

I have achieved goals which I had not really thought possible and now I look at it, in such a short time!

Louise is a metaphorical supportive wall which I have learnt how to do a handstand with...she has given me the confidence to let go of fearing what if...and have a go and try! Best thing I've done in a long time and looking forward to the next steps..

Recommend extremely highly." Claire U. 2016

Imagine the possibilities...

Louise is a life coach, NLP practitioner and a yoga teacher, she draws on all her experience to find the best way to help you move forward and make that change.