Stuck? Maybe it's time to try something different!

yoga helps to see life from a different perspectiveFeeling like something just isn't working?

Frustrated? Stuck? Angry? Demotivated?

Maybe it's a sign to try a new approach. When practising yoga, poses that turn your world upside down inspire you to see life from a different perspective.

If mice are put in a maze and discover the route to the cheese, they will keep going down that route to get it. If it's then moved to a new location after a while they will start trying out different routes to get to it, until they hit jackpot.

Us humans can be stubborn. Often we will keep doing the same things over and over again even if it's just not working.

Can you recognise this any where in your life?

Are you repeating the same patterns over and over again?

Does it feel like you are knocking your head against a brick wall?

Maybe it's time to try something different!

This doesn't mean giving up on your dream, if it still feels right for you, but simply trying a new approach.

Is there an action or an idea you have had to try but for some reason have been putting it off, maybe self doubt or fear getting in the way?

That could be the very thing to experiment with. I always relate to those flutters of fear as a signal of the path to go down (obviously not with the overwhelming sense of fear when you are actually in danger!!). It's by doing things that scare you that help you to grow and develop confidence in your self.

Isn't it better to have explored all avenues rather than keep doing the same thing over and over again with no results, and probably making yourself feel bad in the process?

So what could you try differently this week?

See it as an experiment, a game, a challenge. Take any perceived pressure off and see it as an exploration. After all if it doesn't work you can just try something else!

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