How to be more open

  lotusHow open are you to receive?

By that I mean do you notice when people smile at you? Do you really take in great feedback? Do you recognise people in the street? Do you acknowledge when someone has made you a cup of tea or let you go before them in the queue?

When life is busy it can be very easy to get caught up in the mind, not really fully noticing what is going on around you. For example I regularly bump into people I know, not just local people but I have met people  I know from my past all around the world. My friends often joke about it and some have said it's never happened to them but acknowledge that they walk around caught up in their thoughts and just focus on getting from A to B so don't really look around whilst en route to their destination.

I coach clients who have a such a way of thinking that they don't notice or really take on board compliments. How often have you heard someone brushing off a compliment, as if they don't really believe what they are hearing? Perhaps you do it yourself.

I know people who even though they have been given really great feedback at work they still don't believe they are good at their job.

When we set intentions, when we pray, and when we repeat affirmations we are sending out into the energy of the universe what we would love in our lives. What ever you choose to believe whether it's God, the universe, your higher power, listens and sends you situations and people to guide you towards your dream.

You might over hear a conversation that is completely relevant to what you are looking for.

You may see a poster for a course that would just be perfect for what you need to learn.

You might bump into someone from your past to be able to resolve an issue from back then and to move forward with a new lesson learnt.

You might meet a stranger randomly who has something to teach you, or you them.

You may even just have a sudden inner knowing about something you need to do.

You may receive some feedback or a random act of kindness that is just what you need to know you are on the right path or simply lift your mood and self belief.

Unless you are open though you may miss the gifts you receive.

How to be more open? A helpful way to become more open to all that you receive is to keep a note of it. Every time you notice a chance meeting, an act of kindness, a sign you are on the right path or a message that seems just for you write it down! The act of doing this will help you to notice all these gifts to you more.

You don't have to have it all worked out, when you have trust in a power bigger than you and are open to receiving help miracles can happen.


Louise x