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A New Beginning

Coaching to help you lovingly accept yourself, let go of limitations and authentically create a life you love.

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Create Yourself

What We Do

Through a holistic range of services including Yoga, Life Coaching, Reiki and Image Coaching, we can help you move beyond any self-limiting barriers that get in your way from feeling good about yourself, living an authentic life full of love and happiness. We will create a package with you that is entirely tailored to your needs. In Brighton and London.



Over the past ten years Louise has collected many testimonials from clients who have used her image services and have found life coaching beneficial for creating change in their lives, here are just a few.


Louise's Blog

Click here to see Louise's weekly blog posts to inspire you to create a life you love. If you have anything specific, related to what we do, that you would like to read about please do let Louise know! [email protected]

Louise Gillespie-Smith

About Louise

"I am passionate about people living a life they love. Over the past ten years I have been educated in ways to help you feel good, make positive changes in your life and to accept yourself."

As George Bernard Shaw once said "Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself". To get in touch please call 07779 150886 or email [email protected] Louise looks forward to hearing from you.