You Are On The Right Path

flower2Sometimes when we hit a bump in the road it can be easy to think we're off track. Things not going our way, repeating behaviours we wanted to give up and being let down can all lead us to feeling back to square one.

When want we  really want in our life doesn't happen quick enough, to schedule, we can question is it really right for us at all.

My message to you today is that no matter what is happening right now, you are on the right path.

Sometimes to get where we need to go we need to struggle a bit first. The hard times strengthen us, they test our will power, they lead us to new insights and to show up in life as who we really are.

Take some time to look back over your life and reflect upon the difficult times you have experienced so far.  Then notice what came out of them, what shifts in your life did they create?

You may be in a dip now. If you are my suggestion is to trust that this is happening for a reason. Maybe the lesson may not be glaringly obvious right now but it is a stepping stone to something new.

Life is not supposed to be easy, if it was we would never grow and we probably wouldn't appreciate the good times as much!

Just trust, you are on the right path, you have not strayed off track at all.

Bring your mind into the moment where life is happening now. Stand barefoot on the grass, listen to the birds, look at the flowers and remind yourself of all the good you do have right now.


Louise x