Strengthening your inner fire

In yoga philosophy there are 5 "Niyama's" which are positive recommended personal activities and habits for healthy living and spiritual enlightenment. One of the Niyama's is called Tapas, which is the practice of strengthening is will power by sticking to a discipline; i.e. something you might not want to do that will have a positive effect on your life.

When we do something that requires will power, it builds up an inner fire within us that yogi's believe helps to burn up any impurities in the mind or body, to give control over our mind so that we can achieve anything. It builds up inner strength and determination.

Have you ever stuck to a discipline, whether it's been giving something up, exercise or any other healthy habit? How did it feel after you'd kept it up for a while or achieved your goal?

You feel pretty good don't you?

I know when I have cut things out or formed a healthy habit what have required willpower I feel pretty proud of myself and like I can do anything I set my mind too. In terms of what the yogi's say about burning impurities from the mind, well it's certainly shut up those nagging doubts when I what to achieve something. I know if I create a goal I have the determination to really go for it now.

One of my highest values is freedom, so the thought of being disciplined and sticking to things would make me run a mile. However what I have learned over the years is seeing something through and creating healthy habits like yoga and prayer actually give me freedom.

How is your inner fire? Are you really going for what you want in your life?

If you feel stuck then how about starting off small. Make once little step towards what you want. Write a goal. Create a plan and then start taking action, step by step. Then keep going even when your mind is trying to distract you.

Once you start to build momentum all those nagging fears and thoughts will start to quieten. Take control, you have the power to  create your reality.

If you'd like some help getting started in January I am running a 2 day workshop in Brighton with yoga, life coaching and sound healing. It's going to be a really powerful couple of days to set you up for the year ahead. To read more click here: Power to Create

As we come into this Christmas period just remember to stay in your power stay true to what feels right for you. It's easy when we see family and friends that maybe we don't see so often to fit in with their expectations of us. If you have a dream, a plan for 2016, don't let others sway you, stay true to yourself and what you want in your heart.

Happy Christmas!

Louise xx