Be Aware of the Mind Meaning Making Machine!

Have you ever not heard from a friend or lover and worked out the exact reason for their disappearance in your head? You KNOW why they haven't been in touch even with out speaking to them. Have you ever lost a client/ a job, with out much reason given but in your head you KNOW why?

Have you ever looked at one of your peers, thought how amazingly well their life is going and in your head KNOW exactly why their life is better than yours?

Have you ever not gone for what you really want with a really good excuse why you shouldn't in your head?

Aren't our minds very clever, we are physic, we know everything, we don't need to know the true facts, in fact we can make up the facts and we KNOW it always true.

Or maybe NOT!!!

Our minds can be the most irritating, self deprecating, unsupportive liars we come into contact with on a daily basis.

They have a habit of coming up with reasons why everything is as it is, even when we don't know the true facts. They are mind meaning making machines!! To make things worse the reasons or meanings they create are generally negative against us! They get fuel from our fears, our insecurities, our negative beliefs about ourselves and life.

The big problem is - we often believe our minds to be true!!!

It's time to not pay attention to these deceiving, unsupportive tricky trickesters in our heads.

This is where mindfulness, meditation, yoga all come in. These practices teach us to observe our mind. To notice the thoughts we are having and to not get caught up in an inner dialogue with them.

You can start to notice when you mind starts to make up meanings, and choose not to believe them.

You can start today. Begin to pay close attention to your thoughts, notice when your mind starts to make up stories in your head why something is a certain way. Notice when it's complete fiction on your part.

You can also notice when others are doing it too. How often have you sat around with friends discussing why something has happened when none of you actually know?

These conversations and thoughts are a complete waste of time when you don't know the facts.

Instead of getting caught up in them you couldn't simply say to yourself:

"I do not know and that's ok".


"I trust the process of life, it's all flowing just as it should be"


"I am enough"

What ever will settle your mind. Or you could simply focus on your breath, or your body as it moves through yoga. Distract yourself from the mind meaning making machine and I guarantee you'll feel a lot lighter, freer and happier within yourself.


Louise x