5 ways to start your day positively

I have a confession. Sometimes when I wake up before I do anything else I check my emails and Facebook from my phone :-/ Now I know this is not the best way to start my day. I know it makes my head start to race before it's ready. I know it's not the "yogic" thing to do. Sometimes I just can't help my curiosity though.

What I am aware of is when my days start in this way I find it harder to then settle down to meditate and do my morning yoga practice. My mind kick starts into gear and I want to start replying to things. I want to switch my laptop on and get working.....yes this is a symptom of what happens when you love your work, you can't wait to get going.

However positive this might sound the days when I start quietly, meditating, praying and practising yoga are the days when I am far more centred, inspired and fearless. I am more focused, present and I get more done.

Knowing what I am like I have some strategies to make sure I start my day in the most positive way possible, here they are;

  1. I leave my phone in the lounge on silent. So there's no possible way I can just reach across to get it when I wake up, this also minimises sleep disruption if someone texts me late at night.
  2. I have daily meditation books by my bed that I can reach across too before getting up if I want to and a glass of water to drink immediately. *please note I don't always read, they're just there if I need a boost of inspiration
  3. I go sit in my meditation place, the same place every day so my mind associates it with this practice.
  4. I close my eyes and focus on my breath and check in with how I am feeling. From here I will go into what ever meditation/ prayer I am doing that day. ** this only needs to be for a few mins if you don't have much time.
  5. I get on my yoga mat and do childs pose, then I flow from there guided by what my body feels it needs. Sometimes it's just childs pose, cat cow and downward facing dog then back to child. As long has I have connected my breath to moving my body and felt like I have stretched everywhere that's all that matters to me. *** again if lacking time, this really does not have to be for long it's just a chance to stretch and connect with your body.

The key for me is putting temptation (the phone) out of the way and just getting started. Once I am there with my eyes closed or on my mat the momentum begins and I just go with it.

Another morning practice I started last year that I am loving is to make myself a green juice, with awareness, acknowledging I am doing it to look after myself and I am grateful for being able to. Then I sit in silence and drink it, feeling gratitude and goodness.

After all of this I'll then make a list of key things I need to do that day with a clear head. Unless I have done that the night before, which works really well to do it then.

The phone can wait for a bit can't it?!


Louise x