Is Your Wardrobe Ready for Spring?

How amazing is this weather?! I'm looking forward to some beach time later on. I have a friend who has a term for the day that people start to peel of their winter clothes and start to show some more skin, butterfly day. Aside from the fact he uses it to express his excitement about women wearing less clothes I still kind of like the concept. Now is the time we can start ditching the heavy jumpers and wear lighter brighter clothing, hoorah!

As the seasons change we naturally think a little bit more about a wardrobe and if we need any new additions. As an image consultant  now is the time I start to get calls for wardrobe weeds and personal shopping trips.

If you are thinking about clothes for the season ahead, what you have and what you need here are a few tips from me:

  • Ditch anything in your wardrobe that doesn't feel like you any more or reminds you of an ex/ tough time in your life. You don't need that energy in there any more - throw it out or give it away.
  • Ditch anything that you hope you'll fit into again one day. Be in the moment, enjoy what fits you now and if in the future you do happen to loose a bit of weight then you probably will want some new clothes to reflect who you are now. We are always changing and what we wore a few years before might not really show who we are now.
  • Buy clothes that you really love, then you'll enjoy wearing them and that will reflect in how you look, feel and act.
  • Experiment with colour, colours have a huge impact on how you look, it can make a different between looking tired and washed out to vibrant, younger and healthy.
  • Avoid horizontal lines (that is colour/ hem lines/ pattern/ accessories etc) that end across your widest part or an area you don't want to draw attention too. They'll just make you look wider. Of course you can use them to your benefit if you actually want to widen an area.
  • Just because something looks good on someone else doesn't mean it will look good on you and visa versa, focus on your colouring, body shape and what looks good on you.  Dress to show your own uniqueness. It's great to get inspiration from others but then make it your own.
  • Before you go shopping pull all your clothes out and look at what you have, you may have forgotten some things you have from a previous season. It's amazing what you can find!

Those are a few suggestions from what I have learned over the past 10 years of being an image consultant. It was the first business I ever set up and although I am also a life coach and yoga teacher now I still have a passion for wearing lovely colours and clothes I really love. Colour for me really makes a different between looking fantastic and not like yourself at all.

If you'd like some help with your clothes, please do let me know.


Louise x