Sometimes what is good for us is....

  Sometimes what is good for us is completely the opposite to what we think we want.

I am experiencing this at the moment. As a vinyasa flow yoga teacher, I like quite energetic, dynamic yoga full of sun salutations and asanas that challenge me. Recently I started to see a yoga teacher for 1-1 tuition and mentoring. She has given me the complete opposite, a slow, meditative practice with out a single sun salutation in sight.

It's a challenge, I consciously have to really slow my pace down every morning when I practice but it's making me feel good. I feel calmer, in actual fact I feel exhausted. I think recently I have been rushing around at such a fast pace it's helping me to slow down.

I can think of another time when something unexpected came out of something I didn't want. I had planned to go travelling with a boyfriend, I'd left my work and my home when he ended things. I decided to still go on my own and I can honestly say, thank God he didn't come! It would have been a completely different trip and I don't think it would have worked at all, our personalities travelling would have clashed. That trip transformed my life as it is today, but it might not have done had he have come along.

Life is constantly evolving and when we can learn to just flow with it's twists and turns that is where the magic happens.

Sometimes we think we want something, but that thing is just the same as what we have always done. It's not until we try something new that we can learn and grow. Experiencing something that is opposite to what we normally do, as in the case of my yoga, can bring us into a state of balance rather than extreme in one direction.

A useful (and fun) exercise is to look at your day to day routine and think about what you could change that would be completely different to what you normally do? Just one thing.

No matter how small, just try it and see what happens.

I'd love to hear about it! Comments below please :-)