Allow Yourself To Surrender

  prayerflags2Letting go of what you most want and trusting if it's meant to be it will be, can be HARD!

Many of us are programmed to keep pushing and pushing until it happens.

Releasing attachment to something being a certain way can be a lot easier that it sounds.

However, have you ever noticed the times when you just allowed yourself to surrender, it's suddenly fallen in to place. Perhaps not in the way you imagined but in a way that brings you more joy than you could have imagined.

I have heard many true stories of people "trying" so hard for a baby but then the moment they have stopped it's happened.

The classic example is when someone is looking for a relationship, so desperate that they actually end up repelling rather than attracting.

This area is where Faith really comes into play, whether you believe in God, The Universe, Higher Consciousness and so on, belief in a high power than is working in your favour, wanting you to succeed and putting things in your pathway for your higher good. Surrendering your life to this higher power and having Faith in it's love and support for your life.

Attachment is basically fear, fear of not getting what you want in the specific way that you want it.

Attachment can in fact close off opportunities, as you can become so narrow sighted of it happening in a certain way.

I remember taking part in a course a few years ago, we all had to take on a project, something that was bigger than us and would challenge us. It was a community project, something that would have in impact on a wider scale than just ourselves. We all put our heart and souls in to our projects; we created our visions for them, planned them, recruited teams to help make them happen and then just in the last few weeks we were told to hand to project over to another leader. It was a lesson on being attached.

I loved my project, I was so proud of it, and I loved the fact I had done most of it myself until I had to hand it over! What a lesson that was. What came out of it were fresh eyes, new ideas and an even better event with both two creative minds working on it than just one.

Letting go of attachment is not giving up and doing nothing. It's being in action but without need of it ending in a certain way.

How many people go on first dates and start analysing if they could see themselves "with" the other person for a long time? Even married?

How much pressure is that to put on a date when you have only just met?!

I think this can be why it can be harder to be single when you are older, there is more attachment to it ending in a certain way, your partner being a certain "type", your relationship defined in certain terms.

What if you let go off attachment to how your relationship is going to pan out? The direction of your business? Your role at work? Looking a  certain way?

How would life be?

I suggest taking a few moments out of your day to look at what you are attached to, another way of looking at is by asking your self "what is causing me the most stress and difficulty?". When something is "hard work" there is generally come kind of attachment around it.

Write down how your vision will be when you get it, how you will feel, what you will see, what you will be saying to yourself and others to you. Say a prayer to the Universe/ Angels/ God etc asking for help. Then rip it up, let it go and do something different instead.

Trust in the process of life.

Think back to times when you have felt like this before and recall how it all worked out in the end.

Things are always working out for our highest good, it may not feel like it at the time but there is always a lesson to be learnt and something good always comes eventually even out of the darkest times.