How to Stay Positive When Working For Yourself

  Working for yourself is brilliant isn't it? You get to do what you love, when you want and you don't have anyone else to answer to.

It can sometimes not feel that great though. A stretch of no new enquiries, loneliness, a client doing everything they can to delay paying, lack of cash flow, work seeping over into play can happen to the best of us.

Choosing to work for yourself is never going to be the easy option, your determination and belief in what you are doing has got to be so strong nothing will break it.

It's completely life changing though, I would go as far as saying it's a spiritual experience. Faith in yourself, what you have to offer and in a grander scheme, whether you believe in God, The Universe or what ever, is a requirement.

Through my journey of creating my own business I have had many ups and downs but I've never given up, even when people have suggested maybe I should. I believe in what I do, it's my passion and you just can't beat the feeling when months of hard work are all falling into place.

I am a fan in setting intentions, as well as being similar to your goals they are also a way of focusing on a way of being. This directs how you are acting/ thinking/ speaking in different situations.

Here are my 5 top intentions for staying positive when working for yourself;

1) FAITH - Knowing that what ever happens you will be ok, everything is working out perfectly even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it. Often we are taken in directions we didn't plan for and feel like it's moving us away from what we really want but have faith it's all just perfect. You will learn what you need to learn at just the right time and what ever happens you will be ok. Everything that happens is for your highest good.

2) PATIENCE - It's easy to want to steam ahead and everything to be achieved right now, how ever sometimes other things need to happen first. Faith and patience go hand in hand. When you try to force something to happen quicker than it should you may actually end up pushing it further away from you. We don't try to pull the daffodils open in Springtime before they are ready do we? Even when we are sick of the cold bleak winter and long for some yellow sunshine in our lives. When they do finally bloom we appreciate them even more.

3) BE OPEN - Pay attention to the people that come into your life, the conversations you hear, the posters you pass by, you just never know what may be put in your path to help you towards what you want to achieve. The universe is abundant, have you ever thought about wanting something and suddenly it's appeared in a way you could not have dreamed of? I know I certainly have. If you walk around with your head down and not interacting with people who cross your path you may miss out.

4) LISTEN - Listen to your inner voice, your gut instinct, it serves you well. Sometimes thoughts suddenly pop in to our minds from nowhere or feelings deep down that can be easy to just brush off if not careful. Learning to follow that instinct and see where it takes you can lead you down path ways you never imagined. Or can keep you safe from situations that are not so good for you.

5) ACKNOWLEDGE - Acknowledge yourself and others. No matter what is going on for you right now celebrate the little things you get done each day, even if all you managed to do was just one small thing on your to do list. Acknowledge all you receive through out a day, a smile, a kind word, an offer of help and express your gratitude to people who show up in your life.  The more you acknowledge and feel gratitude for the more you will notice it.

Working for yourself can feel lonely so it's a good idea to build up a few trusted friends who are also self employed. It really helps to be able to share and support each other on your journeys. A life coach can help you keep on track with your goals too, it's kind of like having your own personal manager to hold you to account, boost your creativity and challenge you when you feel stopped. If you'd like to see how I could help you please do get in touch [email protected]