What Dream Have You Dismissed?

Swimming with turtles in Tobago Cays I had a realisation this morning, I could dive if I wanted to. I know that sounds like quite an obvious thing to realise, as we all could, but for years I told my self I couldn't dive due to my asthma so I completely dismissed it out of my mind.

Growing up I loved the sea and I really wanted to dive but during my trip to Australia in 1997 a few diving schools told me not to risk it. So it became a belief, I couldn't ever dive. I didn't even bother to go check at the doctors if I could or not. Then it just became my reality and as a result I have not even thought about it since. In actual fact my mind has even come up with a fear to help me lay the desire to rest. I have told myself I wouldn't even enjoy it anyway as I might get scared deep down below the sea and not be able to come up quickly for air.

Clever things our minds aren't they?

However, I was chatting to someone last night who loves to dive and was asking me if I ever had, it got me thinking. There is no reason why I can't dive now, I have more or less cured my asthma and with all my yoga my lungs have expanded. The possibility is there now.

I'd love to learn to dive in Koh Tao, Thailand, it's beautiful there and from just snorkelling I can see the underwater life is amazing. How exciting :-)

What dream have you dismissed? What did you yearn to do as a child but somehow along the way it's been pushed to the side?

How could you make that happen now?

When we open up to possibility our minds shift and look for ways to make it a reality.

Louise x