Experience Freedom Now

  Most of us want to feel free don't we? Often when I am coaching clients "freedom" is one of the most common values that comes up. To experience freedom it's a common misconception that something has to happen for us to feel it.

For example "when I have a car I'll feel free", "when I have more money I'll feel free", "when I leave my job I'll feel free", "when the kids go to school I'll feel free" and so on.

Of course letting go of perceived ties (eg leaving a job) and obtaining more money can certainly help us to feel free, but thinking this way limits us. When we allow an external factor to be the cause of how we feel though we reduce our personal power and control over how we feel.

As with anything freedom is actually within us, we can access it at any given time. Here are a few suggestions how:

1) Drop attachments. When we are attached to a situation or person being a certain way it creates tension in the mind and body. There is freedom to be gained by letting go, trusting what ever happens is all for your highest good and it's meant to be that way.

2) Change your language. The things you say to yourself shape how you feel. For example if you are constantly telling yourself that you can't afford it this will become your reality, and a constricted one at that. If you had to find the money for an operation that would save your life, you would find it from somewhere. We are very resourceful creatures! Experiment by telling yourself "If I really want to do this I'll find the money" or "I could do it if I really wanted to". Often it's never really money that's the block, if we wanted something enough we would make it happen.

3) Make a list of 50 things you could do if you wanted to. Play around with small things like being able to turn on the tap and drink water (there are many people in the world who don't have this freedom) to go travelling around the world. We are so incredibly blessed with the amount freedom we actually have.

4) Meditate. Spend a few moments sitting quietly with your eyes closed. Bring to mind a time when you felt free, really picture it, notice the sounds you hear, how you feel, let the entire feeling of freedom wash over you.

5) Tell yourself "I am free". Create an affirmation that resonates with you and helps to to access the feeling of freedom. I like "Anything is possible".

Dropping attachments really is the biggie. We get so fixed on how we want things to be that if they don't go according to plan it can cause us a world of pain. Learning to be flexible and actually enjoying the process of life's twists and turns can set us free.

If you were free to do what you want to do this weekend what would you do? (Sorry I couldn't resist adding in that song link!)

Do it!