Choose Your Thoughts Carefully

  Our experience of live begins with our thoughts. Every day thousands of thoughts pulse through our minds, we then choose to pay attention to some  and not to others. Our thoughts create our expectations and trigger our actions.

In terms of our beliefs, which are purely repetitive thoughts that we choose to believe are true, they create self fulfilling prophecies. They go something like this:

Going into an interview situation - belief  "I am great at what I do, I have a lot to offer this company"

Positive expectation - "I will be perfect for the job, I have a lot to offer"

Positive behaviour - displaying confidence and demonstrating how much you know in the interview

Positive outcome - you are more likely to get the job. Which then reinforces the belief  "I am great at what I do".

This is where positive beliefs, thoughts, can really support you in what you want to achieve.

However, it's also the same model for negative beliefs:

Going on a first date - belief  "I am not good enough"

Negative expectation - "They won't like me"

Negative behaviour - unconsciously demonstrating insecurity, not fully showing the best of yourself

Negative outcome - if they choose not to see you again this will back up your belief.

Your thoughts create how you feel and behave, so it's wise to choose your thoughts carefully. Always choose the higher thought, the one that will serve you.

Affirmations are great ways to change your thought process. It takes 21 days to build a new thought pattern in your mind, a new way of seeing things. So if you repeat something positive and supportive to your self, for long enough, you will start to experience it as true.

Louise Hay is a fantastic leader in positive affirmations, here are a few I particularly like:

I am doing my best and that is enough

I trust the process of life all I need is always taken care of

All is well, everything is working out for my highest good, out of this situation only good will come

All is perfect, all is well

There is a way I can fulfil my true purpose in life

I commit to living perfect health

The thought process is actually a constant dialogue of questions and answers, so another way to take care of your thoughts is to ask yourself positive questions such as:

What am I grateful for today?

What will feel good for me right now?

What makes me happy?

What can I congratulate myself for today? Where did I do a good job?

What can I do to resolve this situation in a way that is good for me and everyone else involved?

How can I help today?

What would make this more fun?

The fantastic news is your happiness is in your control, purely by changing your thoughts. In one new way of looking at a situation, in changing a belief that has held you back and in one decision that will create a dramatic change you can turn how you feel around.

This is ultimately one of the key benefits you experience from having life coaching, learning to train your thoughts to support you in every situation and access feeling good when ever you want. If you'd like to find out more please do give me a call, 07779 150886.

In the meantime.....choose your thoughts carefully and create a wonderful day today!

Namaste xx