The Power of Speaking Your Truth

  Some people are so good at expressing themselves, standing up for what they believe in and just saying it like it is.

They make it look easy. If something is bothering them they just deal with it straight away and move on.

It's not this simple for many of us though. Letting someone know that they have upset us, how we really feel about them or anything else that is playing on our minds can be incredibly difficult sometimes.

That feeling of just wanting to say it but it feels stuck in your throat, fear taking over of what might happen when you let it out.

Why it's easy for some people and not for others is usually largely due to how self expressed our family and friends were as we grew up. Our childhood conditions us whether we like it or not, but this of course can be changed.

The power of speaking your truth is amazing. It's liberating, empowering and can take relationships to the next level.

I am sure some of you know that feeling of wanting to say something to someone but not. How energy draining it can be, how it can impact the relationship anyway by the way you are behaving, sleepless nights, stress, upset. Is it all really worth that rather than just saying it?

If you are going through this at the moment, wanting to express how you are feeling but just not being able to get it out, here are a few tips:

  • Before you speak to them, take sometime to sit still, close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Connect with the stillness inside you
  • Once you are feeling still bring your awareness to your heart centre, where your true self resides and connect with how you are feeling about the situation, what is your truth, what needs to be expressed?
  • From this place of calm approach the situation. Allow the words to tumble out how ever they do, it doesn't matter if it's not perfectly rehearsed, just speak from your heart. Trust that what comes out is what you need to say.
  • Let go of any expectations of their response. You can't determine how someone reacts and remember they have their own stuff going on that will cause them to react in a certain way. Just remember to own what you say, this is more about you simply speaking your truth rather than what happens next.
  • What ever the outcome I guarantee you will feel empowered for just getting it out there. Take time to acknowledge yourself for feeling the fear and doing it anyway. It does get easier over time.

Your truth is beautiful. You are valuable and people will benefit from hearing you speak from your heart.