Learn To Listen To Your Intuition

peacefulmindHow many times in your life have you said, after a situation has happened, "I knew something wasn't right", or "I had a feeling about that". So often we get a feeling, a hunch, about a person or situation but then the mind takes over and intuition can be easily ignored. Later to only wish you hadn't.

Personally I can think of many times in past relationships when I've had had a feeling that something isn't right but ignored it because I didn't want to believe it! Only for it to end painfully further down the line.

How much pain or suffering we could save ourselves if we listened to our intuition.

On the flip side it's also easy to suppress what what our heart really wants to do, maybe for fear of rejection, failure, looking stupid and so on. A momentary flutter of excitement about something can quickly be squished by the mind talking us out of it.

Consider, what would life be like it we just listened to our truth, to what we really wanted and paid attention to the warning signals we are naturally given. Then acted from there, rather than our mind.

It's a brave step acting from intuition, your mind will want to battle it, courage is required. As we know though, we grow stronger and build self confidence by feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

The moments when I have listened to my intuition and acted from there, spoken out or changed my plans have been incredibly illuminating and quite simply have felt right. Things have flowed.

Sometimes it's hard to distinguish intuition from the ever chatting mind.

This is where stillness comes in.

This where noticing how your body is feeling comes in.

This is noticing your dreams.

This is noticing the really quite whispering voice of your heart under the loud shouts of your mind.

It's an inner knowing. Deep down you know what is best for you. It's honouring that and acting from there.

Through yoga I have learnt the more connected I am with my body and through spending time in silence I am able to notice my intuition more clearly. It's not drowned out by constant rushing around, doing doing doing, caught up in my head not really creating space to listen at all to what is really right for me.

I have also become aware of how our intuition is God's way of speaking to us. I realise some of you reading this may not have a belief in God but that's just my experience of it. Since finding faith in a higher energy I have noticed that my internal guiding system, my intuition, has got louder, it's like I am being guided through what is best for me and what isn't so good. Then when I follow that guidance, I feel more connected God and experience a sense of being looked after.

Above all, do what feels right for you. Be aware of others trying to sway you in directions that just doesn't feel comfortable to you. Only you know your truth.

Many blessings,

Louise x