5 Benefits of Wearing Colours That Suit You


cropbennirasI have been an image consultant for 10 years, it was the first business I ever started back in my late twenties. I was drawn to it through a love of colour, and of course clothes! Having ginger hair growing up made it trickier to pick colours to wear but luckily my mother had her "colours done" when I was about 10 so she was able to help me pick clothes that suited me, as we are the same colouring. I didn't really care about it at that young age but certainly appreciated it as a teenager discovering fashion. As a result I grew up loving wearing light bright colours.

I find that the clients I meet often have one or two colours they stick to or might even just stick to the safer option of neutrals. They want to experiment with colour but are not sure where to start with the vast array of choice in the shops.

There are some amazing benefits of wearing colours that suit you and some disastrous effects of wearing ones that don't....

The wrong colours can:

  • Make you look ill, sometimes even jaundice
  • Make you look older (God forbid!)
  • Completely over power you, so that you get lost behind them
  • Wash you out
  • Create dark shadows and lines across your face, and highlight blemishes
  • Give the world the completely wrong impression about your personality

The good news is the benefit of wearing colours that suit you are:

  • You look healthy and radiant
  • You feel great and your self confidence grows
  • Colour is an expression of your personality so you can really feel like "you" in the right colours, and people will pick up on that
  • You look younger (just this weekend I got asked by two separate people at a party if I was studying at uni.....err I am 40 next year!)
  • You naturally stand out, not in a showy look at me kind of way (unless you want that and wear dramatic clothes to create that), but in a way that people notice you simply because you look so good. So great if you are single or looking for a new job!

You can learn what colours suit you though a colour consultation. A 1-1 session takes about 1.5hr, we'll be sitting in front of a mirror and I will drape different colours over you. We'll start off by assessing your natural colouring to work out the best types of colours for you and then I'll show you a whole range of colours that will look fantastic. You can wear any colour, it's just what shade, clarity and undertone you pick so don't worry I won't be telling you that you can't wear your favourite colour....unless maybe it's black, which is not most flattering for everyone. I will give you options though on how to wear black in the most flattering way if you want to keep wearing it.

What is really fun is to get a group of friends together to do this. It lowers the cost and you learn from watching each other having it done too.

I carry out 1-1's in the Brighton and Hove area but happy to travel for group sessions, as far as London. Please contact me to find out more! [email protected]

Have a colourful week!

Louise x