Maybe it's time to ditch New Years Resolutions?!

A new year is fast approaching and it's that time when everyone is asking, "what are your new years resolutions/goals?" It can sometimes feel like you have to set something even if you are not really feeling it, right?

Energetically at this stage in winter, not long after the Solstice, our energy is naturally at a low. This is demonstrated by that feeling of just wanting to stay in, be quiet and reflect (and all the winter colds people are getting, forcing them to just stop). Spring and Autumn bring fresh new energy and Summer is when we are at our highest.

So maybe right now doesn't feel right for you to make big changes or set goals.

Maybe now is the time to relax, restore and consider what lessons you have learned throughout 2014.

Trust that when that spark is lit, when that new idea comes of something you'd like to create in your life, you'll know and you'll be ready to act on it.

There's no point in setting goals unless you feel really passionate, inspired and emotional about them. If you don't feel it you won't put in any effort to make them happen.

This can happen when we set goals based on what we think we "should" be doing. Often based around our parents or friends/ partner. Any "should" goals will only end up dragging you down as you won't be inspired to take action, which means they are unlikely to happen and then you'll just feel bad for not achieving them even though you didn't really want them in the first humans can be a bit bonkers sometimes can't we :-)

On the other hand when it's something you really want....when you act like there's no other option, when all your thoughts and energy are directed towards that goal, it's amazing the magic that can happen.

So if right now you are not feeling very inspired to think about what's next for 2015, maybe just hold off a bit. Do what ever you feel you need to do. Take stock. Learn. Restore. Sure enough your energy will come back and you'll be ready to create what ever you want for your life.

....and when you are just drop me a line, I'd love to help.

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  • The power of the mind
  • Treating your body with love
  • Defining your values and boundaries
  • Creating the positive change in your life you dream of

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Lots of love

Louise x