Feeling stuck toward creating the life you want?

  As much as we can try to control our lives we are never completely in control.

We can be in action, we can speak up, we can do what ever it takes to make our dreams happen but sometimes they don't.

Not when we want them too anyway.

I have set goals in the past, and done all I could to create them but come the deadline they have still felt far away from realisation.

Only to then look back a few years later and realised they did actually become reality but just a few months/years later or in a completely different form to what I have expected.

Why bother with goals then?

  • They keep us focused on what we want rather than what we don't have.
  • They help us be in action towards things that inspire us.
  • They help us to think positively and creatively.
  • They lead us out of our comfort zone into scary territories, which serves us to learn and grow.
  • If we didn't try to create what we really wanted in our lives we'd just be stuck in ground hog day doing the same routines over and over again. Life doesn't happen when it's simply on repeat, it's through challenging ourselves where the magic happens.

The trick is not to be completely attached to them and whilst you may be fully committed to achieving them there also has to be trust that they will happen when the time is right for you. Sometimes when you set a goal you change your mind along the way anyway, something better comes along, but if you hadn't set off on that path you may never have got to that point.

As I have written in the past sometimes a specific goal isn't completely appropriate, sometimes intention is more powerful. Having an intention of how you are being in your life right now. The two can work hand in hand also. For example if you wish to create a relationship in your life, you could set a specific vision (goal) of how you'd like the relationship to be but then have the intention of being loving in everything you do. The purpose of intention is to be what you want from the goal right now.

If you set yourself some goals a while back and are feeling stuck with them now here are a few steps to feeling back on track:

  • Re read your goals, every day. Notice how you feel when you read them, are they still inspiring for you? If not then maybe it's time to look for what is. Reading your goals every day helps to keep them at the front of your mind.
  • Harness the energy of the upcoming Spring to get into action again, what's one thing you could do to get back on track? Do that asap to start to build momentum again.
  • If you've been feeling like you have been doing everything possible to "make it happen" then maybe it's time to take a break, perhaps you are stuck for a reason, it's time to start to trust that it will happen when it's meant to. Time to have some quiet time, to switch off and trust that in this space creativity will start to flourish again.
  • Prayer. Taking time each morning or evening to vocalise your dreams, to hand them over to a higher power really does help you to feel like you are not on your own and allows a bigger energy than yourself to help you out.
  • In front of the mirror when you get up in the morning, state your intention for the day, what you are going to create that day, looking into your eyes.

Whilst we can't control our life all of the time, we can control ourselves. Our reaction to things, our thoughts and our behaviours. This is where practices like meditation and yoga can really help. They guide us to stay in the present moment, to not get carried away with worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. After all, it's in the present moment where we create our future. They make us aware of our thoughts so that when we catch our mind beating ourselves us we can choose to think of more supportive things instead. Meditation and yoga create peace of mind, no matter what is going on in life, and help to think clearly about the next step.

If I can help you to find peace of mind in your life and steer yourself towards the life you would really love to create please do let me know - [email protected]/ 07779 150886.

Many blessings,