Make This Christmas Abundant!

photo (89)I can't quite believe I am sat writing here about Christmas but it is actually only just 3 weeks away! As wonderful as Christmas is it can also be a time that shines a light on lack in areas of our life. A lack of money

A lack of friends/family

A lack of partner

Missing those who are no longer with us

A lack of sunshine (!)

......and perhaps a lack of achieving what you wanted to achieve over the past year.

If you have been reading my blog for a while then you know you always have a choice in how you are being in every situation and how you think about it.

If you have read much about the law of attraction you will also know that like attracts like so thinking in a lack mindset will create more lack in your life. Thinking about what you don't have only highlights more of what you don't have in your life, as that is what you are focusing on.

So how about changing it around and let's make this Christmas abundant! How, I hear you ask? Let's go through the list above:

Money - instead of saying "I can't afford it" how about looking at what you can afford instead? Or asking yourself "how can I create/find the money to be able to buy/do this?". I can't.....just cuts any possibility off but if you ask your self "how can I..." you are being more open to making it happen. Look at all the things you already have to be grateful for in your life and daily count your blessings.

Friends/Family - Christmas can be a lonely time for some people, instead of focusing on feeling lonely look for ways you can be around people, if that is what you desire, maybe there's an opportunity to volunteer over Christmas? Think about the people you do already have in your life and show them how much you value them in your life. Just 1 great friend can be of so much value compared to lots of acquaintances who you don't really have deep relationships with. Maybe you are in a different country to them, then make the most of the wonder of Skype, they can be in your room in an instant.

Partner - What is it you feel you are lacking from not having a partner? Love, intimacy, connection, someone to spend time with, fun, friendship etc Break it down then look at where you have each of the things you feel you are missing in your life? It's quite an amazing exercise to do.  The funny thing is many single people want to be in a relationship and many people in relationships sometimes wish they were single! So how about just making the most of your single time before you meet that special person (and then wish you were single again ;-)).

Missing those no longer with us - Make this time an great opportunity to honour those that have passed on, on your own or with family and friends. You could share how they touched your life and what you learnt from them. Allow yourself to feel the feelings, to grieve and to be so very grateful that they were part of your life.

Sunshine - this might seem like a bit of a joke but some of us (including myself) really do miss the summer at this time of year. Unless you can book a flight somewhere then make the most of every bit of sunshine we do have, on the lovely winter sunny days get out there and feel it on your face. Winter is also a perfect excuse to have some down time, to be a bit quiet to process all that has gone on through the year, to get your energy reserves up ready to burst out again in Spring. Learning to be grateful for the different energies of the seasons has really helped me to value the winter months.

Achievements - Instead of focusing on what you didn't achieve look at what you did. Look at what you learnt. Sometimes life doesn't happen the exact way we want it to when we want it to but things happen instead to teach us valuable lessons. Sometimes we need to go through unexpected experiences to be fully ready to create what we really want in our life. Sometimes something arise that is even better that what we thought we really wanted! So don't waste time feeling bad about what you didn't do, learn from this past year and then get into action towards your goals right now. Step by step things will start to change.

To to summarise.....when you catch yourself feeling any kind of lack, switch it around by focusing on what you do have, what you are grateful for in your life, and get in to action to create your dreams. WOO HOO!

Happy Christmas :-)

Lots of love

Louise x