Love Yourself First

  How loving are you to yourself....

Do you allow yourself time to rest when you need it?

Do you follow your dreams even when others try to talk you out of them?

Do you buy yourself flowers?

Do you stand up for what is right for you in your heart?

Do you say kind words to yourself when you are down or need some encouragement?

Do you celebrate your victories and your failures?

Do you allow only people who fill you with positive loving energy into your life?

Do you allow yourself a guilt free afternoon nap, slice of cake, indulgent purchase when you feel like it?

Do you fill your body with food that nourishes you?

Do you surround yourself with people, things, environments that make your heart smile?

Do you value yourself and your opinion enough to share it?

Do you make sure you get enough sleep?


It's very easy to put others first and put ourselves down. Our mind has a nasty habit of helping us to do this. This is not our natural state of being though. We come from love and are love.

When we are not treating ourselves with love, how can we expect others to do the same? Like attracts like. So when you are loving to yourself you will send out an energy that encourages others to treat you with love too.

How awesome would it be if everyone was focusing on being loving to themselves, in that space the opening would occur to everyone to be loving to each other, after all we are all connected, one energy. One big mass of love.

Love yourself first. You are not being selfish. You are being love.

When you love yourself, you will find you can't help but extend that love to others too, that's what love is after all.


Lots of love to you all.