Honour your connection in the moment

heartsandSometimes people come in to our lives just for a short time. We might want it to be for longer but it's just not meant to be.  You both have other people to meet along your path. We never know how long a connection will last with another person and it's easy to cloud what you experience in the moment with expectations or longing for more than what its meant to be.

Life can make us feel like when we meet someone we connect deeply with, we want to hold on to them, but this isn't always the purpose for the meeting though. Perhaps it's to illuminate something that's not working in your life, maybe it's catalyst for a new direction or an opportunity to heal.

When you can appreciate a connection with someone just in the moment it is truly a beautiful heart centred experience.

When you are fully present with another, just enjoying each other in the now and sharing your truth, things you could never have imagined are able to open up for you. There are always lessons to be learned and realisations to be had.

I don't believe that meetings are by chance. I believe people are sent to us for a reason, and by being open to this it gives you a chance to explore what that could be.

When it's time to part rather than feeling sad, say goodbye with love and feel blessed for the experience you have shared. Who knows, it may not be good bye for ever, and if it is then you know for sure someone else will soon be coming around the corner.

Namaste x