Bring Some Lightness To Your Day!

Life can get so serious some times can't it? All these "should's" we put on our selves, or take on from others. Worries about money or what may or may not happen in the future. Fears about failing. Being bothered about what other people are going to think. Over analysis about how are relationships are working out. The list is endless.

Where has all the fun gone?! They have even created laughter yoga classes now to remind us how to laugh!!! (They are actually very funny).

Can you notice the connection between everything in that list?

It all comes from our minds. It's our thoughts that make things so serious.

So what if you fail? As Thomas Edison once said about inventing the light bulb "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

So what if you don't do what you feel you "should?" Is the world going to fall down around you?

So what if people make a judgement about you? You can be sure it will be linked to how they feel about themselves anyway.

So what if you can't buy that new outfit or new thingymajiggy for your house. At least you have somewhere to lay your head at night.

I was listening to an interview with the woman who invented Spanx pants the other day, Sara Blakely. She was speaking about the gift her father gave her whilst she was growing up, the gift knowing it is OK to fail. He used to ask her and her siblings what had they failed at each week, and when they said what it was he would give them a high five! How wonderful is that? Growing up with this mind set encouraged her just to try things out with no fear if they worked or not, and now she is a billionaire thanks to her invention Spanx.

It's time to lighten up!


Smile at strangers, it's contagious.

Jump for joy at every great thing that happens in your day!

Skip down the road, I guarantee it will make you and others laugh!

Play games.

Be silly.

Have a food fight.

Do what ever it takes to bring some laughter into your life.

You have a choice how you choose to be in any given situation. Even a funeral can be turned in to a joyous celebration of your loved ones life if you choose to make it that way.

I heard a great quote recently. "Life happens FOR you, not against you." There is a gift in every situation, if you look deeply enough you will see there is always something to learn, something good to take away from it.

Just for today let go of any pressures, burdens, "should's" and worries....I bet this time next year if asked you what they were you would not remember them anyway.

Give yourself permission to lighten up and smile. This is your day.