The Power of Your Thoughts…. Part 2

One week on and here are the results of my Big Apple Experiment. I have to say it was an interesting exercise to do, it’s not in my nature to think hateful thoughts and I don’t often experience anger so for most of the week I simply ignored the hate apple, every now and then telling it how horrible it was. Then feeling quite guilty, so sending that guilt to it too! Until just the day before I was going to finish the experiment when I had the most frustrating phone call. You know the ones where you are passed around and the person on the other end of the line is faking compassion but not really helping at all. Well after I got off the call I off loaded all of my annoyance on to the poor apple….that is when the poor thing really took a turn for the worse. I am sure you can guess which apple is which. The love apple is the least mouldy one.

If you’d like to see other peoples results you can see them via Nikki Owen’s (who created this experiment) facebook page.

How amazing is this to show the effect our thoughts have? As I mentioned last week an apple has the same % of water content in it as a human being.

If feelings of guilt, hatred, anger, frustration rot an apple what effect is it happening on us and those we direct it too?

We all have an awareness that love and gratitude make us (and those around us) feel good, they make our heart sing and our energy rise.

I read a great quote by Wayne Dyer this morning who write extensively about the power of your thoughts and intention;

“If you become what you think about, and you’re thinking about what’s wrong with the world and how angry, ashamed and fearful you are, it stands to reason that you’ll act on those thoughts and become what you are thinking about.”

A great practice every day is to spend a few minutes in mindful meditation thinking about all that you are grateful for. The deeper you look into what you are grateful for the more you find. For example the food you have to eat; give thanks to all the people who grew and produced it for you, who delivered it to the shops, the people who opened the shops and served you so that you could buy it, the money you had to pay for it, your health to be able to go buy it, the equipment you have in your kitchen to prepare it, the light you have in your home to see make it, the goodness the food gives you, being able to have a choice about what you have to eat……you get the idea.

It’s so easy to fall in to thinking about lack, what you don’t have, what is not good enough but doing this simply magnifies it and becomes your reality.

As well as gratitude thinking about those you love it a lovely daily thing to do. Personally I like to sit in a comfortable cross legged position, with my hands in prayer at my heart centre. I allow a little air pocket in between my palms and start to fill it up with thoughts of all the people and animals I love, when it is full to the brim I slowly open up my fingers like flower petals and visualise sending that love out to all of them.

Just two nice little daily routines to fill you with love and gratitude.

Enjoy your day xx