You Are Good Enough. You Do Have Enough.

  Over the years of being a life coach I have learnt that the belief "I'm not good enough" is one of the moment common ones to hold us back.

There is a fear that there are better people out there compared to us.

It's not just not being good enough but even just being enough, having enough, doing enough, saying enough.

In fact maybe this word enough should be BANNED!

Enough compared to what? Where is there a rule book of what is enough?

We are all completely unique individuals with our own special talents, gifts and beautiful qualities. The danger comes when we compare these to others.

We are not designed to be the same. If you put all your energy into forcing yourself to be like someone else, then you are not being true to yourself and you'll only ever be like a copy of them. You'll only ever go as far as they will, which completely cuts off your unique purpose in life.

The crazy thing is the person/ people you are comparing yourself to, will be comparing themselves to someone else, maybe even you.

If we are not careful our life can be driven by feeling incomplete; if we just buy those extra clothes, decorations for the house, go on the latest course then we'll feel satisfied. Do we? It can turn into an on going cycle of more more more but still feeling less.

Your soul is complete right now. You have all you need right now. You are a unique talented special individual that no one else on this planet is like. Isn't that amazing?

Just for a moment, sit down comfortably with your eyes closed and take a few long slow deep breaths. The once you feel your body has settled start to repeat to your self "I am enough, nothing is missing".

Notice how it feels.

It's the truth.