Are You Giving Your Power Away?

  CambodiaandThailand10 025Are you relying on someone else to make you feel good?

Maybe it's waiting for that "I love you", phone call/text, being told how great you are at your job, or maybe seeking confirmation that you are on the right track.

Have you given up on your dream? Telling yourself it's not the right time, there isn't enough time, or maybe you just wouldn't be able to achieve it anyway so why bother.

Any time we seek externally to feel good, any time we justify why we are not doing what we really want and any time we blame others for feeling bad we are giving our power away.

We are not in control when we are behaving like this, we are simply handing it over to others or circumstance.

If you are experiencing a lack of power at the moment, make a decision now to claim it back! The great affirmation springs to mind:

"If it's to be, it's up to me!"

Start off by recognising where you are giving your power away? To what situation or to whom?

What feeling are you putting off and waiting for someone else/thing to cause you experience it?

What could you do right now to experience it? An example could be to sit in quiet meditation and access the feeling from within; when did you last feel it, what were you doing? what could you see all around you? what were you saying to your self? what sounds could you hear? where was the feeling in your body? Experience it now.

Another technique is to look in your life where you do feel that right now, for example if you are wanting to experience love; who do you love right now? who loves you? what do you love to do? Place your hand on your heart centre and connect with that love, it's always there within.

What area of your life or dream have you given up on?

Write down what you'd like to achieve, create a goal for it. If it seems to big and way off in the future write a small achievable goal that will act as a stepping stone to the bigger one. Setting a goal and making a commitment to do what ever you can to achieve it is the first step in taking responsibility for your life and getting your power back.

Next create a plan how you will achieve it, break it into monthly mini goals and weekly action steps. Then pick one thing you can do today to get your started and do that.

It's incredibly empowering setting goals and then taking action towards them.

Just remember, you have everything you seek with in you. You can access it at any time, the moment you seek it externally is when so start to loose your power. Even with goals, the journey is the most important part not the end destination. Be aware of setting a goal so that you can then feel something.....the best thing for you is to focus on being that first and then you will attract more of it into your life.

Have a great week!