New Trends In The Shops This Autumn

  Being a bit of a beach lover I am loathe to start to say the summer is slowly drawing to a close but if the weather is anything to go by this week Autumn is creeping up around the corner. The good news though is that there are lots of lovely new clothes in the shops right now to keep you warm and looking fantastic. Here are a few of the new trends in the shops this Autumn for women:


Quite an unusual colour for the winter months pink will be shaking our wardrobe up this winter. Personally I love a change from all the dark, winter colours. There will be a range of shades so make sure you pick the one that best suits your natural colouring.


Alongside with the femininity of pink, skirts are also going to be plentiful. Mainly you will find longer lines like knee length and calf skimming although there will be a few minis around too. One thing to consider when picking a length, is where the hem line cuts across your legs. Where ever you place a horizontal line you will shorten and/or widen that area. So if your legs are short be careful to find a skirt that ends around the knee (which is a flattering length) or shorter. If you have chunky calves then avoid a skirt that ends right across the widest part.


Tartans and checks are a big pattern this season. When you choose a print take into consideration your personal scale, that is your bone density and hight. If you are very petite then small fine prints will be the best size for you, whereas if you are tall with a larger bone structure then you will be able to take the larger prints which would completely drown someone very small.


I love these! Such a great was to jazz up an outfit by wearing gold or silver shoes, even in the day time. I love my gold trainers! Remember Gold if you have warm tones and silver if you have cool undertones.


Perfect for wet days, vinyl mac and dresses.  Be aware that anything bright, light or shiny will make an area look bigger so be careful how you wear it!


I almost didn't include this as every winter animal print is included in the trends list. Will we ever get tired of it? I don't think so. Each year it evolves a little and this year we will be seeing a whole variety animal prints like dalmatian, pony, croc, tiger and snake.


Flowers have been big this summer and continue to be through out the winter, in a more moodier darker form. I am loving the femininity of this winter.


Feathers are a lovely touch for party dresses and outfits this season, a nice change from the obligatory sequin (not to put then down, I do love a sequin!). There is also still the trend for embellishment and sparkle but a bit more toned down this year. Think just subtle shimmers on clothing rather than full on disco ball.

September and October are great months for hitting the shops for your new season's wardrobe, just before the Christmas mayhem kicks in. If you would like some help working out what will suit you best or a hand shopping please do get in touch; [email protected]

I am also running a colour day in my flat in Hove on Saturday 28th September, an opportunity to come with a friend (or on your own) and learn all the colours that will be most flattering for you to wear. Having your colours done in a group is a really useful way of learning how to notice the impact the wrong/ best colours have on you whilst watching each other. Please let me know if you'd like more details.

Many thanks,

Louise x