Following Your Heart is Scary

 There's no point covering it up, when you follow your heart it can be scary at times. I've been on this path for 10 years now and still I have moments when I feel fearful....Fearful of if I'm doing enough. Fearful of lack of money. Fearful of if I am enough. Fearful of new situations I haven't experienced before that take me beyond my comfort zone...

As I said above these are just moments though. When I first started it felt like I was in these fears most of the time. Now they arise, I know what to do and then they pass;

  • I acknowledge them
  • I sit down, become still, and breathe
  • I pray
  • I might repeat an affirmation (a positive statement what supports me)
  • I remind myself to come back to trusting that everything is working out just as it is meant to be, all is well.
  • I do something, even something little. I find taking action stops me wallowing around in fear.

......and breathe.

Patience, trust and faith have been my biggest companions through this journey. And it is a journey, when you set out to follow your heart don't expect everything to just fall into place, maybe it will but it's the lessons along the way and who they make you become which is the magical part. It's not supposed to be easy but I promise you it's worth every success and every tough time.

Be brave, follow your heart and stay with it.