Choose Ease

photo (27)In my yoga classes over this past week I have been setting the focus to choose ease. I like to set a focus, an intention, for each class to give everyone a new insight into a way of being. How you are in yoga is often how you are in life, so there are often lessons to be learned. For example if you push yourself in a yoga class you are likely to push yourself in life as well.

For some reason there seems to be a common belief that we have to work hard, and if something is too easy there must be something wrong!

I wonder why that is.

That saying "no pain no gain" seems to haunt us.

Yoga is completely the opposite of this though. If you try to force yourself into a yoga pose then your body just tenses up, your breath won't be as slow and deep and sharp pain is likely to cause an injury then set you back.

How about in life though? If you try to force something to happen does that work?

If it's all hard work and no play, does that work?

How are you feeling emotionally and physically when you are "working hard"?

Does it add to your enjoyment of life?

Instead what would it be like if you were to choose the option that felt easy? That felt joyful?

.....and then drop any guilt around that.

I am not talking about being lazy, and not getting anything done. I mean doing things that get you in the best possible energy to be effective in the area that you enjoy, where you will excel naturally with out having to force it to happen.

Every moment is an opportunity to create how we approach life. Even in the tricky times you can ask yourself that question. There is always an option that feels better than the other.

I am liking this powerful affirmation at the moment:

I choose life to be easy.

Try it on for a day and see what unfolds.

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Many blessings,