Choose Love

2013-09-09 19.09.01 Love is our natural state of being, it is what we are made of and who we are.

I am not talking about romantic love, just love. Love for our selves, for other people, animals, our planet and doing what we love. Love is hard to describe isn't it? It's a feeling, an energy and mostly a way of being.

We often get swayed away from "being love" though, often when we feel afraid of something.

I just caught myself out doing just that. I had planned to write a new e course this afternoon, something to give away on this website to people who sign up to my newsletter. I was all fired up  and ready to go then realised my email marketing system is down. Instantly I felt frustrated, stuck and not sure what to do next. My afternoon was not going according to plan!

This was a state of fear....fear of not doing enough for my business and even deeper than this; fear of it failing.

I sat and started at my laptop wondering what I could do instead, different ideas of blog posts to write came to mind but nothing was inspiring me until I calmed down and asked myself what do I love to write about? What inspires me? That's love.

In that moment I chose to do what I love and what I would love to write about.

As we go through each day we can swing between being in a state of love and experiencing fear. Fear of failure, not being good enough, being let down, being hurt, rejected, being stuck, being bored, looking stupid, being too clever, being too independent, needing someone too much.....the list of fears are endless.

Any time we are in a state of fear though we are not being loving to ourselves. Our thoughts become negative and we self sabotage.

My blog post to you today is a reminder to choose LOVE constantly through out your day.

Forgive yourself for having negative thoughts.....and then choose love instead.

Say kind, encouraging words to yourself.

Choose to do things you love to do, and even if there are something's you have to do that you'd rather not then ask yourself how could you make them more fun?

Think of those you love, and then send them love. Think of those that love you, and then send them love too.

Think of those you don't love, then send them love.

Volunteer, serve, give, do a random act of kindness, anything to share your love.

Love is not exclusive to just one person, love yourself and love everyone you come into contact with. We are all having a human experience, trying to do the best we can with the upbringing and life we have had so far. Yes sometimes we get it wrong, forgive that and choose love instead.

Love is where we find our power, our true selves, our humility, our joy and our connection with others.

Love really is all we need.