Be Aware of Your Body

Life Coaching be aware of your body

As you are reading this start bring your awareness into your body. Start to notice any sensations, maybe an itch, a smell, a pain, a tense area, your heart beating. How are you feeling? What emotions are present.

With both feet firmly planted on the floor close your eyes and just allow yourself to stop to really come into your body for a few minutes. Allow your self the time to explore.

OK so if you are reading this I am guessing you have finished and opened your eyes :-)

How often do you allow yourself time to do that? To really be aware of your body? We are often so caught up in our minds, in the past or the future. Stopping and really experiencing your body, how your feet feel touching the ground, what sensations are there helps us to be in the present moment.

Our emotions are in our body, think about the times when you have felt stressed or completely different, in love. You feel it in your body somewhere, you have sensations. We can tell a lot about our emotional state through how our body is. Illness or pain is often a symptom of something we have been ignoring or simply not hearing.

Our body, breath and mind are all inextricably linked, you change one and it impacts the others. To experiment try the following things when you are experiencing some kind of problem, stress or difficulty;

1) Allow your self time to stop, inhale deeply and then make the exhale 3 times as long. Repeat this ten times and notice any changes.

2) If you are feeling down and heavy, skip. Skip around the room, down the road, where ever you can, and notice the changes in your state.

3) Lie on the floor and put your legs up against the wall, close your eyes and again notice any changes to how you feel.

Stuart Heller once said "We move through space like we move through life". Next time you are walking down the street pay attention to how you walk. Is it heavy, light, direct and purposeful, indirect, fluid, slow, fast, are you within yourself or looking around at the people passing by you?

Then consider how does this relate to how you are in your life?

For example I have a habit of walking very quickly, fast and direct, most of the time. However I always am looking around at the people passing me by, as a result I am forever bumping into people I know, which is nice! In the rest of my life I do have a tendency to do things quickly, to be quite driven and also to be interested in other people. There are benefits to this and also downsides. Sometimes I am can do things way too quickly and am not fully in the moment savouring every experience. Knowing this means I can consciously slow down my movements, slow my pace down which then slows my mind down and brings me into a state of calm.

Becoming aware of your body is becoming self aware, to make changes in your life you can start by making changes to how you move your body.