5 Ways To Feel Good, Even In January!

Feel good Life Coaching tips

There is sunshine out there, you just can't see it yet!

I am not sure about you but I find this time of the year can be the hardest to get through. The excitement of Christmas has passed, it's cold, dark and no one seems to be in the mood to have any fun. If you are not careful it can all get quite depressing!

If you are not fortunate enough to be escaping to sunnier climes following are a few suggestions on how to lift your spirits and feel good;



1) If you are feeling stuck in a low place ask yourself "what will make me feel better?". It sounds simple but often when we are feeling down, we think about why we are feeling down and it spirals downwards out of control. Instead switch this around by asking yourself what will make you feel better and do that. Love yourself enough to do what makes you feel good.

2) In fact, stop right now and make a list of 50 things that make you smile.  Maybe things you haven't done since you were a kid, they are often still what brings you joy. Make most of them achievable things that you can start to plan into your life, daily or weekly. I did this once whilst reading "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron, the idea was that you were then to take yourself off on an "Artists Date" each week. I was in the middle of a tough break up at the time and this really lifted my spirits; I took my self off to art galleries, I baked cakes and I even went to a roller disco!

3) Look at your list of things you have planned to do and ask yourself if there are any "should do's" in there. You know, the things you don't really want to do but you feel you should. Then cancel them all. Set an intention for the next month to do only the things you want to do. Our life gets so full of doing things that we don't really want to do, we feel obliged, we don't want to let people down. Well now is the time to take care of yourself and do what you really want. In fact, when you are doing something out of obligation you won't be giving your true gorgeous wonderful energy to it anyway and others can pick up on that.

If it's reluctance for exercise (which can be the case in these cold months) find something that you enjoy rather than what you think you should do as it's good for you. There are so many ways of moving your body it doesn't have to be in a way that fills you with dread. Aside from my love of yoga I also really recommend Zumba in these winter months, it's so fun to dance around like crazy for an hour to light hearted music and you can't help but laugh your way through it.....which is also good for you too!

4) Invite a friend out for tea, eat the biggest most delicious slice of home made cake you find and share stories. You could even each bring 3 photos of the times in your life you have loved the most so far and then share those stories with each other. Taking about great times will remind you of all the good feelings and experiences you have had in the past (which also makes you feel them again) and that there are more on the horizon.

5)Drop the grasping and start allowing. Stop trying so hard to make things happen, when we get into a state of striving we often end up doing the opposite and pushing what we want away from us. (A perfect example is when you want someone to like you, the more you try to force it the more they run away!). In our minds we have a limited number of ways we think our dreams will happen but the Universe has an infinite number of possibilities. When you notice yourself acting from a place of fear and desperation bring yourself back to love, do all of the above, do things that bring you joy and have faith that there where you are at right now is perfect. In this space of allowing you will be open to noticing the gifts the Universe gives you.

I'd love to hear how you chase away the January blues, please do add your comments to help others who may be reading this and feeling a bit low.

Lots of love


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