How to Deal with Feeling Not Good Enough

Over my 10 years as a life coach I have come to realise that most peoples core belief, the one that triggers them, is not feeling good enough.

Think about it for a moment, if every one is feeling not good enough and comparing themselves to each other - how crazy is this? 

I heard a lovely message the other day in a meditation with Bernie Clarke "How boring would it be if all flowers looked the same?". Imagine if there was only one type of fruit? One flavour tea? One type of music? One style of art? 

We need diversity. It is what makes life rich. It inspires our creativity. How boring would it be if everything, and everyone were the same.

But still human beings have a tendency to doubt themselves, to not feel enough. I relate to this well as it has been my core belief too, it is what drew me to personal development 12 years ago in hope to strengthen my self confidence.  How did I deal with this?

First of awareness that this belief was the thing that made me feel upset when things didn't go my way or that stopped me in going for what I want. Awareness of this was key. Then I could do something about it. I could choose to say something more powerful to myself instead.

I was doing a course with Landmark Education at the time and I decided who I really wanted to be in the world. I chose Love & Courage. This is what inspired me the most.

From then on any time that I would feel not enough I would say to myself "I am Love and Courage!" I would ask myself "if I am Love & Courage how would I be being in this situation?" and act from there instead of not being enough. It took me out of my comfort zone and slowly start to change me from the inside out. 

This is not to say I don't still get flickers of not enough, but I acknowledge the thought now and just move on from it. In actual fact it's almost helpful to notice it as a guiding signal to go for it anyway, I know when I step out of my comfort zone I grow. It's also helped me to know I won't always get what I want in life but that doesn't mean anything, the things that are for me will flow to me. If something doesn't work out it just doesn't work out, it doesn't mean I am any less a person. We don't always get what we want but we get what we need.

If you would like help shifting this belief please do get in touch, this is how my life coaching can help. I love helping people get past this and not let it rule their life any more.


Louise x