How To Change Your Reality

Just over 5 years ago I became a vegetarian, stopping eating meat lead me to having to learn about other sources of protein, how to make sure I was still getting enough iron and other nutrients, and how to feel satisfied with out meat on my plate. I had to discover alternatives to my favourite Sunday Roasts, BBQ sausages, fry ups and naughty but nice burgers.

This opened my mind to a world of nutrition, health, new food aisles in the supermarkets, health food stores and restaurants/ pubs that have great veggie options. Something that had never been on my radar before.

Once something comes into your consciousness, once you are opened up to it your world and knowledge expands. Being veggie and all the options out there for me were suddenly opened. I started to notice articles, books, posters, adverts, conversations, that all related to what I was focusing on.They had been there before I just hadn't been aware of them. Now I can not imagine not being a vegetarian.

The same happened when I became engaged, suddenly a world opened of wedding venues, dresses, entertainment options, wedding etiquette, rings, wedding websites and magazines. When out and about I would see wedding dress shops that I had never noticed before and I had so many more conversations with people about their weddings.

These are two example of how your mind creates your reality. Sometimes it's not as external. sometimes it's how we are feeling about out life. We might feel busy, overwhelmed, worried, lacking in money and it feels like its real.

If the mind creates our reality then what if......

You choose to focus on gratitude, and abundance (what you do have) rather than lack.

You choose to focus on creating space and slowing down, rather than how busy you are.

You choose to focus on the moment, what is happening right now rather than what may or may not happen in the future.

You choose to focus on one thing at a time, knowing that you have all the time you need rather than focusing on overwhelm.

Meditation, a physical Yoga practice and breathing exercises are all tools to help calm the mind, to create space. A calm mind will create a calm life. When storms blow we know we can come back to these tools. Some of us may prefer other methods such as; art, writing, reading, running, cycling, martial arts,. Find what works for you and change your reality to one that serves you.

If there is something you wish to create in your life. Write a clear goal, written in the present tense as if you have achieved it all ready and read it daily. This will help you to focus on what you want rather, which then inspires your actions and what you notice as you go about your daily life. Adverts, conversations, articles, opportunities all start to arise as the Universe conspires to help you achieve your dreams.

If you'd like some help how to set goals, how to work towards them or to deepen (or begin) your yoga/meditation practice please do get in touch.


Louise x