I Can See Clearly Now!

For ages now I have been struggling with sending texts, I was blaming Apple for making the letters on the iphone screen too small. Also recently I have been noticing how I have to pull something away to be able to read it, so off I trotted to the opticians.

I now have a shiny new pair of reading glasses, and it's amazing - everything looks so clear!

Often we don't question what we are seeing, whether it's through our eyes or how we are interpreting life. We see life through a filter, like tinted sun glasses, of all our past experiences, our beliefs, our hopes and our fears. We make judgements on how we think things should go according to our way of seeing the world, our filter.

Then sometimes something happens to change this, to shift us, and we see everything in a new light. It's like taking off the tinted sunglasses, when you're used to everything looking a bit orange and thinking that's normal.

I have experienced these shifts a few times over the past 10 years. The first experience was when I did my first personal development course, Landmark Education. It completely shifted the way I saw life the the world, the next week after the course felt a bit surreal, like I was walking on clouds. I felt so present, so in touch with my heart, so in my power and so clear. It was like I'd taken those tinted glasses off.

Over time that has become my reality and has shifted again a few times through yoga,  developing a faith in God and getting married. (and of course now I have my new glasses :-))

So what I am trying to get to here is that, how you think, your experience of the world does not have to be this way if it's not serving you. You can question your beliefs. You don't have to believe the repetitive story going around your head that scares you or holds you back. There are new ways of looking at things. 

Maybe this is the year for you to take some steps for positive change.......Go on a course that catches your eye. Contact me for life coaching. Get an inspirational book (I can recommend lots). Question what you are saying to yourself, "why is it rubbish?". Don't put up with anger, jealousy, greed, hatred, playing small, being scared, any form of lack or any other feeling that isn't from your heart. You can shift things around and see the world it a new light.

Happy New Year!