Giving Myself Permission To Rest

I ran my last workshop of the year yesterday, and loved every minute of it. I just love sharing what I have learnt and what I benefit from with others. The day ended with a gong bath, an opportunity to lie down ad let the healing vibrations of the gongs wash through us.

This year I have ran 10 workshops, 6 retreats, moved in with my, now, husband, got married, been to Bali on honeymoon,  and taught all my usual classes and 1-1s. It's been a busy year! And now it's time to slow down, in tune with natures rhythm. As the days are getting shorter and I'm naturally drawing towards slowing down I am going to listen to it.

December is going to be a month of no blog posts, way less social media, and no retreats or workshops to plan. I'm dropping my ambitious side, to be still. I know from slowing down and doing something other than my usual routine my best inspiration arises.

It's so easy when you work for yourself to be switched on to your business all the time. At least that is my experience. I am lucky because yoga really is how I live my life so I am always living it but there's still the drive to be thinking about what to create next, what to post next and so on.

So this is me signing out for a few weeks. I'm still running my usual classes (and 1-1s) until 18th Dec then I take a 3 week break altogether. I've got an extra special one at the moment on a Thursday night - candlelit yoga for a peaceful mind (7.30-8.30pm Revitalise Hove) for the next 3 weeks on the run up to Christmas.

My next workshop is to honour the start of the year on 7th Jan at Unity Studio (Lewes Road) 2-6pm and the next Adventure Yogi retreat is in Norfolk 3-5th Feb.

Enjoy the festive season, love, grace and blessings.

Louise xx