A detox doesn't just have to be about food

This time of year many of us are thinking about detoxing after the indulgence of the Christmas season.

We often think of a detox as an internal cleanse, cutting out certain foods for a few days and flushing our system through.

A detox doesn't just have to be dietary though. You may be feeling vibrant and healthy diet wise but perhaps depleted from other external influences such as people in your life, work over load or too much time on your phone or laptop.

One of my favourite detoxes to do is a digital detox. In fact a couple of years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to take a group of over worked journalists to the Caribbean on one.  They all had to hand in their phones and laptops on arrival to be locked in a safe, which certainly was not easy for them to do! We had 5 days of just being in the moment with no distractions, enjoying the beautiful outdoors, life coaching, meditation, and connecting with each other. They were all amazed afterward at the difference it made to just take a break from their screens.

The constant bombardment of texts, emails and calls is a complete distraction from the moment, making it very hard to keep focused on one thing for long. This then adds to the stress and the feeling of not enough time. Adding to that the ever growing need to keep checking various social media and then the mind numbing time we can spend in front of a TV, trying to switch off but actually not really doing anything really nourishing for our souls.

I feel what is so beneficial for many of us is just some space, some time to switch off, to think clearly, to re-connect with ourselves and what we really need. This is why time away on a retreat is so beautiful. Being away from home, surrounded by peaceful countryside, no distractions, yoga and delicious wholesome healthy food. You naturally detox diet wise, but with out the feeling of deprivation,  and let go of a whole lot more.

Time away will help to be able to make wise decisions on what you really need to cut down or out of your life. Whether that's a diet change, a relationship, a job, some regular time away from your phone and so on.

If you fancy some time away from it all to eat healthily, and have a break from anything else, then I am teaching on a detox retreat at Tilton House, in East Sussex on 19th-21st Feb. (Please contact them directly for more details and to book.)

When I teach yoga on these retreats my intention is to help people to switch off, create space in their body and mind, release and to connect with themselves. I do this with a mix of hatha, vinyasa flow and yin yoga. My teaching is suitable for all levels.

Give yourself a break, create some space and see what happens!

Namaste x