Diwali - Celebrating Light

This week is a wonderful opportunity to release what is no longer serving you, the darkness, and welcome in the light. It's the Hindu traditional celebrations of Diwali which ties up with the New Moon on Sunday.

A great time to be saying "No More!!" and then celebrating your loving choice to free yourself of what ever it is. Maybe a habit, a person, a situation, a job, or a belief that holds you back.

There's something so powerful about doing a little ceremony to mark what you are letting go of. It doesn't need to be fancy, you don't need anything special. Just a candle and some quiet time.

Before you light the candle take some time to bring to mind what you are releasing. You might like to write down what you have learned from it so you take something positive and avoid repeating the same pattern again some how.

Get into a state of gratitude for what you have learned,  for those who have helped, for your inner resources and so on. This is all part of bringing in the light, the goodness, the hope and wisdom.

Say a prayer to the God of your understanding, offer it up, ask for support, and love, what ever feels best for you.

Then light your candle, to acknowledge bringing in the light. Shining love into this situation.

In Hindu traditions they have a big celebration at the end of the week, when the new moon is, so Sunday this week. They light candles, they clear out their clutter, they decorate their homes, put on their best outfits, give gifts and have big parties full of lights and fireworks to celebrate!

How wonderful! Maybe you could bring a bit of that in your celebration to on Sunday!

The new moon is always a great time to mark new beginnings and Diwali adds ceremony, celebration and light to it.

The word Namaste is particularly poignant around this time. It means the light within me, acknowledges the light with in you. It's such a beautiful expression of our oneness.

I am off to run the Happiness Retreat with Adventure Yogi this weekend, and we'll be celebrating Diwali there.

Happy Diwali!

Namaste x