What Will Nourish Me Inside Out?

When you feel tired or stressed or lacking inspiration, what do you do?

Is it really nourishing, does it have a long lasting effect? Or is it a quick fix?

In fact sometimes what we think we need isn't actually the most nourishing thing at all.

I know I can have a tendency to reach for some kind of reality/ dating show on TV when I am feeling depleted, like I just want to switch off and get lost in something. However afterwards I never feel very rested, I often watch with half interest, the other part of my mind thinking about all the things I should be doing.

However when I do what will really be nourishing for me, like a yoga practice, yoga nidra, a salt bath, a walk by the sea, a cup of tea with a friend.....I feel rested and refreshed.

What is food for our soul, what is healing, is doing things that connect us to our true nature, to peace and to love.

Sometimes it can take a bit of discipline not to reach for those old ways of release. Turning to food, cigarettes, drink, drugs and other not so supportive ways to find release become habits over time, patterns that we go to with out thinking.

This is where mindfulness comes us, paying close attention to the moment. Observing what is going on and then asking potent questions like...

What will nourish me from the inside out?

What will connect me to peace?

Making a healthy choice, noticing how the mind resists sometimes but doing it anyway, then savoring the sweetness of doing what is really good for your soul.

Take care

Louise x