My Top 10 Favourite Inspirational Books

  I find books a great source of inspiration and comfort. I aim to read them all cover to cover but often I dip in and out of them, just reading the bits that help me in that moment. There are so many great inspirational, self help, spiritual books out there that it's always a case of finding a writer that really resonates with you.

I love all of Susan Jeffers books which centre around conquering fear, allowing yourself to feel comfortable with uncertainty and to fully embrace living in the flow of life. I am also a huge fan of Robert Holden who truly writes from the heart, reading his book Loveability is like meditating on love. I keep his book Shift Happens by the bath for every day inspiration! Alan Cohen and Melody Beattie's books are full of lovely meditations to start each day and act as a source of comfort for any time.

Right now these are my top 10 favourite inspirational books at the moment, that I dip in and out of regularly;




I keep these to hand and dip into them when ever I feel I need to. I read out meditations from Journey to The Heart in my yoga classes and I start the day by reading a passage from A Deep Breath of Life. Little practices like this help to keep your mind inspired, empowered and in touch with your true self - a beautiful heart centred being.

Of course they all make lovely presents too, with Christmas coming up and all that! I'd love to hear what books you find inspiring, please do leave a comment on Facebook or Twitter to share!

Much love