5 Ways To Be Loving To Yourself

beloveOften when I suggest to clients to focus on being loving to themselves, they look at me a little confused unsure of what this actually means. When you are in the habit of  giving to others all of the time, switching it around and taking care of yourself can sometimes feel a little like new territory. Being loving to yourself is so important though, especially in tough times, when your energy feels depleted. Our human way is often to search to feel good externally for example; waiting for that certain person to cheer you up, something to happen so you can feel happy or your job to make you feel like a success.  When we learn to be loving to ourselves we learn we can feel comforted and supported when ever we need it.

Being loving to yourself is not selfish, in fact for you to have the right energy to be able to give to others it's important to give to yourself first, otherwise resentment can build up. Have you ever experienced the feeling of doing something for someone else when you really don't feel like doing it? It's certainly not from a loving caring mindset is it?

Following are 5 ways to be loving to yourself today:

  1. Stand up for what is best for you and get your power back. When we expect other people to make us happy we loose our power, we may put up with behaviour that doesn't serve us well. The longer this goes on the worse we feel and harder it feels to pull out of the situation. Look at what is not working for you and make a decision to not tolerate it any more. Yes that may mean a difficult conversation needs to be had but in the long run you will feel a whole lot better when you are in your power.
  2. Do something you really feel like doing, even if you think you "shouldn't" for what ever reason. We can put so many barriers in our way to doing what we really want to do. If you are feeling sad, and all you feel like doing is eating cake and watching movies then just allow yourself that luxury for the day. If you are stressed and just fancy a day off all things work related, then just do it. It's only one day.
  3. Pamper yourself. Do what ever feels good for your body whether it's a hot bath, practising yoga, hula hooping, going for a walk. Our body holds emotions too, nurture it, bring it back to balance and treat it with love.
  4. Speak to someone you love. Chatting to someone who makes you laugh, who listens and who loves you unconditionally will naturally help to lift your spirits.
  5. Give your self 5 compliments. How often do you do this? Make the time to do it today.

If none of these feel appropriate or loving to you then ask yourself, "how would I treat someone I love?". Then treat yourself like that.

Lots of love

Louise x