What Feels Right For You?

Life Coaching Blog

iphone pics 077I experimented with something new this week, writing my blog every day. As I sit here to write my last post of the week I have to say I don't think realistically I will be able to keep it up. I enjoyed it, I love a challenge, but come to day 5 and it's felt like it is something I "have" to do than really feel inspired to do.

So from next week I am going to go with what feels right for me, and that is to post when I feel really inspired to share something with you. Like I am now. Who know's it might end up being every day anyway :-)

When something feels right for you it just flows. It's not hard work. It's fun.

There is no tension, no resistance, no worry. It just feels right.

Tapping into how something feels for you is such a useful tool. I have had experiences in work, friendships and relationships where something hasn't felt right. The times I have ignored this continuing anyway I have ended up looking back and wishing I had just paid attention to those inner feelings. We learn through those times though so there is nothing to regret.

It can be easy to think once you have started something you have to go through with it or can't turn back. Of course you can. We are only on this planet for a short period of time and if something isn't causing you happiness why waste any more time on it?

When you take the seriousness out of life and see it merely as a game, an adventure then you can begin to really play.

So as we come to the end of our working week what game are you going to play this weekend? What do you really feel like doing? Our time can get caught up with doing things we should do rather than what we really want to. What could you do to make this weekend pleasurable for you?

This isn't being selfish. By loving and taking care of yourself you will be better equipped to help and be loving to those around you.

Have a lovely weekend.