A Few Spring Trends 2014 & Tips How To Wear Them

  daffsI love this time of year when the days are getting longer and signs of warmer sunnier weather are here. The shops are filled with lighter, brighter clothes and we can soon think about leaving our winter coat at home.

I am going to meet a client tomorrow to go through her wardrobe to have a good clear out for Spring and assess what top up's she needs for the new season, to go with what she already has. It's a really good thing to do before going out shopping as it saves you money ensuring you only buy things you need. Also we often forget about things we have tucked away in there from last year or so. Just this morning I discovered a blouse in my own wardrobe I had nearly forgotten about :-)

The clothes in the shops this Spring are really pretty, gorgeous pastel colours, floral prints, sheer fabrics and interesting details. Following are a few of the main Spring trends 2014 and tips on how to wear them:

Pleats - pleats can be really flattering as the vertical lines with lengthen and slim. Great with a belt around the waist for a dress and a high waistband with a skirt. Good for disguising the hip area if you feel like you need to!

Pastels - if you have very deep colouring, i.e. dark brown - black hair then be careful of wearing pastels on their own by your face as they could drain you. Instead contrast them with a dark colour, find a top with light and dark colours in or just wear them on your bottom half and a stronger shade near your face.

Pink - you'll notice all shades of pink in the shops this Spring. Make sure to pick the correct shade and tone for your natural colouring. If you have warm golden undertones then a salmon or coral pink is going to be better than a fuchsia or baby pink which are better for those with cool colouring.

Florals & birds - prints are everywhere, especially of the pretty variety. With pattern taken into consideration your height and scale, for example if you are very petite then go for small prints, the taller and bigger bone structure you are the larger the size you can take. Small prints will make you look bigger if your natural scale is large and huge patterns will drown you if you are very petite. You will also see lots of artistic style prints, like paint strokes, same rules apply when choosing the scale of the print.

Sheer - I love sheer blouses for Spring time, they still give you that cover up when it's not yet warm enough to be bare armed but still feel nice and light after winter heaviness. Wearing a bandeau bra top or a vest underneath will help if you don't like to feel too exposed.

Sculptured - If this is all a bit to pretty for you and you prefer a more sleek, masculine style then you might enjoy the sculptured trend, where the lines of the clothes look like something an architect may have designed. Rather than pretty prints and lots of details, the lines are smooth but creative, perhaps a skirt with a dramatic flick at the end or a top with some folds of fabric down the side. The shape and form are the details rather than prints and embellishments.

Bomber jackets - this is THE jacket of the season, and there are some really lovely pretty feminine ones around.

Sporty  - bright colours, slogans, funky trainers, metallic touches, this is not a casual look but think more glam with a sporty touch.

White - white looks best on those with cool colouring, if you have more yellowy/ golden undertones then cream is going to be much more flattering.

Metallics - there are lots of lovely soft metallics around, I especially love them in shoes, bags and jackets. Go for gold if you are warm toned and silver if you cool undertones.

Warrior Woman - think gladiator styles, structured pieces, hardware, chain mail, black, bronze, khaki, browns. Great for warm deep colourings, for example like J Lo. The structured tough look this gives is great if you have an angular structure body line but if you are more soft and curvy it won't be the most flattering look for you. For curves think soft fluid cuts and fabrics, but you may like to wear some gladiator sandals if you fancy a bit of this trend.

If you'd like some help in discovering what will suit you, sorting through your wardrobe or going shopping please do get in touch. I travel up to London to do this so it's not limited to Brighton. [email protected]

Enjoy the Spring!

Louise x