How Are You Really?

I haven’t written for a while. There was a time when I wrote 3 different blogs a week and now it’s way more sporadic. I guess this changed with getting busier and with the take over of making short videos Instagram but still, I love to write and here I am again.

How are you?

How are you really?

When I ask people in my classes how they are they often reply “good”. I mostly do the same when I am asked, even when I am not really. It’s a cacophony of “goods” when perhaps the reality is very different.

It’s being polite isn’t it, not wanting to share your burdens or put them upon others, which is understandable. Perhaps if we were a bit more honest though we may help each other realise it’s ok to not be ok?

Do you do this when you are on your own? Is there something niggling in the back ground, from the depths of your intuition, that is telling you something is wrong, but you just don’t want to hear it.

Like a relationship isn’t right?

Or perhaps there’s a dream that’s bubbling up but it’s to scary to think about going for as it might mean a lot of change, having to be brave or it might create disharmony in relationships?

Maybe there’s an inkling of a health issues that you are not ready to face?

It’s easy to sweep things under the carpet isn’t it? To pretend you haven’t heard. To carry on going just as you are to keep the peace and stay safe.

I know I have done this plenty of times in my past and it’s always eventually ended in disaster, being a much bigger deal than it needed to be had I been honest sooner. I’ve thought afterwards “if I had just followed my instinct at the beginning I would have avoided all this unnecessary upset, illness, or conflict!”. You see if something isn’t right, if a change needs to happen and you ignore it, some how it will find a way to happen anyway. And often in a way that is more dramatic to force you into action.

If you are reading this and you are already getting a sinking feeling within. A knowing, “yep that’s me I am avoiding things, but it really is ok really…….” then this is my invitation to you.

Invite the feeling of what ever is wanting to be felt, to be felt.

Sit, or lay, or come into a Yin pose or what ever works for you to be still and allow yourself to feel how you really feel. Breathe slowly. Allow it to be just as it is.

You see when we repress and try to just ignore it and carry on, it’s still there but it’s being repressed and it will come out in some other way. We create restrictions, contractions in our body and mind, which build up.

Acknowledging how we feel and allowing it might feel scary but it can often allow a spaciousness to open up, a softening. Acceptance of what is in the moment can create a clearing for tuning into your inner wisdom about what is best for you to do next.

If it feels scary, then baby steps. Journal. Write down how you are feeling. If there is someone you trust perhaps talk to them or seek out help from someone you don’t know like a therapist or coach. Remember it doesn’t have to all be tackled in one day, the first step is to acknowledge it and then allow it to flow from there at a pace that feel comfortable for you.

Sometimes we do have to get out of our comfort zones to create change but we don’t have to scare our self crazy, we can make small steps and as we do we start to grow in our power. Things will start to open up.

Have you ever had that experience when you have gone through a challenging time and then looked back later and realised why that all happened and how it helped to move you forward in life? Maybe this is what is happening now.

You deserve to feel at peace, content and to live a life that feels right for you in your heart.

Lots of love

Louise x