Feeling Stuck About What To Do Next?

4 years ago I finished my first yoga teacher training in India, I never really expected yoga to become my "job", I was just doing it because I loved it.

When I moved to Brighton I was continuing to run Create Yourself as I had in London, with life coaching and image consultancy and I started to just teach one yoga class. Again I never really expected to teach any more than that apart from on retreats too.

4 years later I am teaching 7 classes a week, regular weekly 1-1s, monthly workshops and on retreats through out the year. All I did was go where the energy flowed, focused on just doing what I love and being brave sometimes to put myself "out there" to be able to follow my passion.

I say "all I did" but it hasn't always been easy, faith and trust have been my biggest friends. There have been times where I have been close to giving up but I have reminded myself of how important it is to me to do what I love. After all this is the basis of Create Yourself which I set up around 8 years ago now. This journey has deepened me spiritually more than I could ever have imagined, I know the tough times have been to bring me closer to God.

If you are wondering what career change to go for, if you're stuck in the rut of trying to find the "perfect thing" to do. I simply suggest going where you feel most drawn too now and seeing where it takes you.

10 years ago what I most fancied doing was shopping for a living, I became a personal stylist and loved helping people to feel good about themselves through what they wear. This lead me to taking an interested further into personal development and helping people on a deeper level. Yoga followed on from there with the body, mind, breath connection. A completely holistic approach to self healing, care and awareness.

So what ever it is that has your interested right now just go for it don't allow it needing to be the "perfect" plan/ change to stop you. Go where there energy is flowing right now and what lifts your heart.

Just see where it takes you. Watch your life unfolding moment by moment, and enjoy the ride.